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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… The Case of…by Brokencandys October 17, 2020

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Sherlock Holmes and popular music. Not necessarily two areas that seem to overlap. And yet… recently online I stumbled over this album from French outfit Brokencandys which has samples from a US 1950s Sherlock Holmes adaptation which if you are so minded you can find here. Ronald Howard plays Holmes, Howard Marion-Crawford plays Dr. Watson. Interesting fact, Paulette Goddard, the one time Mrs. Charlie Chaplin, plays Lady Nina Beryl.

I know next to nothing about Brokencandys, bar the fact they’re a French duo with a group of musicians around them perhaps, and they’ve been releasing albums in electro/trip hop tinged downtempo electronica for the past decade or so… or as the following notes:

Duo électro/trip-hop instrumental formé en 2004 par Tom aux machines et Vincent aux guitares,

Did a bit of digging into their back catalogue and it’s a lot more energetic than I expected and pretty good. And this album has some lovely stuff on it, if you like this kind of thing. Belly Deryl, Malaysia (which reworks some very old tropes in a neat way) and British Intelligence (!) stand out.

It reminds me of nothing so much as an expansive big-beat sort of thing from c.1997. Aloof and Lionrock (who themselves dabbled in the Holmes samples of which more later) come to mind. All trip hop rhythms, big basses and a throw everything instrumentally into the kitchen sink with a few samples see what happens. I think I saw somewhere it was categorised under easy listening. Maybe. It’s not a long album, just 29 minutes in total, and I think it’s almost too short for the ideas that are in there. Then again, leave ’em wanting more.

For some reason I find this very cheering music. I’m sure part of that is nostalgia for late 1990s trip hop, but there’s something about the samples too. Recommended.

Belly Deryl


British Intelligence


Here’s something from a previous album…


1. Vincent - March 16, 2021

Nice one mate ! Thanx a lot. Vinz from Brokencandys 😉

Liked by 1 person

WorldbyStorm - March 16, 2021

Merci beaucoup, it’s a great album.


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