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Sunday and other Media Stupid Statements from this week… October 18, 2020

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The song remains the same.

According to conventional political wisdom it is only a matter of time before Sinn Féin takes over the reins of government but there is nothing inevitable about it, and this budget could channel politics in a different direction and ensure that the centre does hold, just as it did in the face of the financial crisis a decade ago.


The other vital element of the political strategy will be to convince the electorate that the radical alternative being promoted by Sinn Féin and its hard left allies will destroy the basis of the country’s prosperity given their deep-seated hostility to the enterprise economy, foreign direct investment and the direction of the EU.

A slight change in tone. But next to no comments under the piece. Expect normal service to be resumed next week.

If infection rates can be beaten back and restrictions eased to the point where hospitality and tourism businesses can trade to some degree, this measure’s laser-like efficiency will soon become apparent.

From the same piece the following. Does that initial calculation hold up?

If social distancing takes away half of a tourism business’s capacity, then it must make the capacity that it retains twice as profitable to keep afloat. The reduction in tourism’s VAT rate from 13.5 per cent to 9 per cent adds 4.5 percentage points directly onto the margin of most transactions. That will, in many cases, make every individual customer almost twice as profitable as before.

Michael Clifford in the Examiner is very exercised by the response to his piece responding to the scenes outside the Dáil last Saturday. Very exercised. So much so that avowed far rightists are transformed into a ‘right-wing crowd’…

Of course, there are differences in their ostensible political philosophies. The right-wing crowd are anti-immigrant and subscribe largely to a right-wing Catholic agenda. A large cohort of the anti-fascists claims to stand for a left-wing brand of nationalism. But when violence is introduced, those differences dissolve. Suppressing opposition through violence on the streets of a democratic country is an inherently fascist action.

No mention, needless to say, of the violence in previous weeks meted out by the far-right.


1. Fergal - October 18, 2020

Sticking up to the bullies is fascism?
Far left groups don’t beat up immigrants
Far left groups don’t target gay people
Far left groups don’t try to bully woman into giving birth
Far left groups don’t denigrate travellers
Far left groups don’t pick on asylum seekers
But in Mick Clifford’s Mind they’re the same…
Cops too bring violence into streets but I suspect that’s beyond Mick’s ken


WorldbyStorm - October 18, 2020

It is a peculiarly middle class view of matters.


2. EWI - October 18, 2020

Shorter liberal galaxy brain: sure, neo-nazis are quite bad, but the anti-Nazis are socialists, so the same


3. CL - October 18, 2020

“Clare TD says return to full lockdown is ‘act of tyranny’
Michael McNamara, who chaired the Oireachtas Covid-19 committee, claims the public will ‘snap’ if asked to endure another long shutdown”-

‘63% thought there should be more restrictions than there had been up to that point.’-Amarach poll.

‘Barry Cowen said Level 3 should be retained and moving to Level 4 or 5 is “running and hiding from Covid”. -RTE.

“Mr. Trump tends to reject anything that can be read as a sign of weakness or lack of control. His behavior and comments after his own hospitalization, amid a widening outbreak within his circle, have also exposed a White House that flouted the basic precautions endorsed by its own health experts.
And many American men who look up to Mr. Trump are taking his cues, choosing to forgo protective measures that health officials say are crucial to slowing the spread of the virus.”


CL - October 18, 2020

“The relative early success of leaders such as Germany’s Angela Merkel, New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern, Denmark’s Mette Frederiksen, Taiwan’s Tsai Ing-wen and Finland’s Sanna Marin has so far attracted many headlines but little academic attention.

The analysis of 194 countries, published by the Centre for Economic Policy Research and the World Economic Forum, suggests the difference is real and “may be explained by the proactive and coordinated policy responses” adopted by female leaders.”


WorldbyStorm - October 18, 2020

McNamara has played a curious role in this – offering a soft line on matters in the media around the Committee. No surprise to see him adrift of public opinion.


4. gypsybhoy69 - October 18, 2020

How f**king stupid are these people?
Both of these are senior politicians and are coming out with statements like this when our public health officials are taking about a situation that is out of control:
Another former minister, Michael Ring, described the proposed shift as a “cruel, cruel” move. It is cruel to the elderly, cruel to the young, cruel to people with mental illness and cruel to people who are waiting for all sorts of other operations,” said the veteran Mayo TD.

“Closing down has affected a lot of businesses, a lot of jobs. People are depressed. They are down and they are depressed.

“The Government is handling this badly now. We have to make political decisions as well as medical decisions,” he contended.

“My recommendation is we should go back again to Level 2 where at least we have a bit of normality.”

Jim O’Callaghan, Fianna Fáil TD for Dublin Bay South, also questioned the wisdom of the move on Friday.

He said that going to Level 5 is not “living with Covid” and urged that Government “wake up” to the impact of the measures.

“It is, in effect, a lockdown,” he said. “In deciding what level to move to we need to consider the repercussions of moving to Level 5. It will have a very negative impact on the lives of young people and mental health.”

“At some stage we have to wake up to the damage that we are inflicting on the lives of young people. Their education, employment, pastimes, entertainment and relationships have all been stopped or severely damaged by the restrictions, and they will be damaged even more by moving to Level 5.”

Jesus Christ lets go back to level 2 for normality and Level 5 is not living with Covid. Morons.


WorldbyStorm - October 18, 2020

Riffing on what you say Gene Kerrigan has a great piece in the SI today. He says:

“In between the wish to resume normal life, and the supposed protection of the “most vulnerable”, there’s a process they leave out. It is this: let it rip — let the virus run its course.

If you think the protections hurt the economy…Now there was a lot of white space in the “rebel entrepreneur’s” advert. Plenty of room to explain an alternative.

Instead the Rebel Manifesto funked it with a link to some people who propose a strategy of “herd immunity”.

That’s the scientific term for “let it rip”.

This strategy decrees that we should let the virus infect as many as possible, the survivors will be immune. As Boris Johnson explained on March 5: “Take it on the chin . . . allow the disease, as it were, to move through the population.”

Why did Johnson abandon that particular policy? Scientists showed him it would produce 250,000 dead, in a best-case scenario.

Per capita, the Irish equivalent would be 18,000 corpses — at best. Ten times the current figure.

Herd immunity is achieved with a vaccine. Or it risks wholesale slaughter.”

18,000 corpses and multiples of that in mostly younger cohorts with chronic cardiac and other conditions. And as Kerrigan notes, just what would uncontrolled or semicontrolled spread of the disease do economically?

You’re right, gypsybhoy69. these guys are morons.

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CL - October 18, 2020

“Speaking to RTÉ News in Cork, Public Expenditure and Reform minister Michael McGrath said …it is within the public’s “own ability and own control to get on top of this virus more so than any decision Government can make”.

It all depends on individual choice and responsibility, not on the public health policy of the government.


5. Paul Culloty - October 18, 2020

Dan O’Brien flogs the old horse of Commonwealth membership, but in terms of both diplomatic networks and export markets, it would seem superfluous, whereas the observer status at the Francophonie was deliberately aimed at plugging both weaknesses. Similarly, he makes a geopolitical argument for joining NATO, but again, most of our international standing in Africa, Asia and Latin America is precisely because we are non-aligned:


WorldbyStorm - October 18, 2020


It’s a grab bag of old chestnuts for the Irish right.


tafkaGW - October 19, 2020

Good luck persuading anyone outside his clique that closer relationship with a collapsing Brexitania is a good idea.


6. Mick 2 - October 18, 2020

Stephen Collins always good for a laugh. With Harry McGee, Pat Leahy, Fiach Kelly — all de lads — the articles are interchangeable. You wouldn’t be able to tell them apart in a blind taste test. But Collins distinguishes himself in being so totally divorced from reality and so unflappably bourgeois to the point of self-parody. Which makes the articles enjoyable at least. Wild that he thinks SF are hostile to FDI, given that they’re as keen in their defence of the fundamentals of the corporation tax regime here as FF or FG.

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WorldbyStorm - October 19, 2020

That’s true re them being enjoyable. Unflappably bourgeois. I got to rob that, that’s him exactly.


7. Paul Culloty - October 18, 2020

New Zealand TV news anchor brutally slays a covid-denier candidate:

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8. CL - October 18, 2020

“NPHET are becoming ‘dangerously political’ say Cabinet sources as a Level 5 showdown with Government rumbles on…. with one source saying the public health watchdog is becoming ‘violently political’.

Another senior Government source told the MoS: ‘It was a mistake not to stand them down during the summer when we started reopening. But it’s too late now.’


gypsybhoy69 - October 19, 2020

This is just mad. So go ahead stand down NPHET. But wouldn’t we still have a CMO aka Tony and a HSE advisor aka Paul Reid. How would that change anything other than get rid of the NPHET bogey man and give more legitimacy to proper medical advice? Maybe I’m missing something in this spinning?


WorldbyStorm - October 19, 2020

It is completely mad.


9. CL - October 18, 2020

“There are concerns within Government about become an “outlier” in Europe by imposing more severe restrictions than other EU states. “The last time we went into these type of measures lots of Europe was going into it but this time there is a risk we go into it and others don’t and we become an outlier,” a minister said.

“Even the markets will look at us differently then,” the minister added.

It is all very well for Nphet to ignore the effect of their proposals on the markets, but the government has to take broader considerations into account.


gypsybhoy69 - October 19, 2020

Don’t these idiots know that we have access to global news outlets and we can see what is happening in Paris/Madrid, we can hear what is going on in LIverpool/Manchester. No wonder there are so many conspiracy gobshites when this is the level of modern journalism.

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EWI - October 19, 2020

I don’t think they’re idiots – this is just the desired line for the Dublin establishment (including newspaper editors).


WorldbyStorm - October 19, 2020

That’s another puzzle. The stuff about how we are an outlier is just complete lies. Paris and Madrid are great examples.But they certainly treat the public like they’re idiots.


gypsybhoy69 - October 26, 2020

EWI, I meant to reply earlier than now but I do believe they are idiots. Even if it’s only a ‘line’, it’s an idiotic one.


tafkaGW - October 19, 2020

Fear the wrath of the divine ‘markets’, ye cowering mortals!

This isn’t confined to Ireland. The usual suspects in the German media and social media oligopoly tried to demonise the most visible epidemiologist – Christian Drosten – as being politically motivated and just plain wrong.

It didn’t work, perhaps because there’s a scientifically literate person in charge.


10. roddy - October 18, 2020

Did’nt read it but apparently Harris today described people looking justice as “Nationalist necropheliacs”.


WorldbyStorm - October 19, 2020

Lovely. Down to his usual standard so.


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