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The universe before the universe… October 18, 2020

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…not sure how robust this theory but it is fascinating…

There was an earlier universe before the Big Bang, and evidence for its existence can still be observed in black holes, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist has said. Sir Roger Penrose made the claim after recently winning the award for breakthroughs in Einstein’s general theory of relativity and proof of the existence of black holes. Sir Roger argues that the existence of unexplained spots of electromagnetic radiation in the sky – known as ‘Hawking Points’ – are remnants of a previous universe.


It is part of the “conformal cyclic cosmology” theory of the universe, and it is suggested that these points are the final expulsion of energy called ‘Hawking radiation’, transferred by black holes from the older universe.

For those interested in the conformal cyclic cosmology theory go no further than here.

Speaking of which here’s an intriguing side note:

In 2015, Gurzadyan and Penrose also discussed the Fermi paradox, the apparent contradiction between the lack of evidence but high probability estimates for the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Within conformal cyclic cosmology, the cosmic microwave background provides the possibility of information transfer from one aeon to another, including of intelligent signals within information panspermia concept.

Imagine that. Not information from one period of the universe to another – and keep in mind the age of the universe between 13-14bn years old already, but from one universe to its successor.


1. Angus Whitewheater - October 18, 2020

This is about as robust as the ‘Coronavirus is lethal’ idea running through some morons head’s.


WorldbyStorm - October 18, 2020

Yeah, it’s not robust at all. As a thought experiment it’s interesting. But I’m presuming you meant to convey the idea that coronavirus is lethal.


Angus Whitewheater - October 18, 2020

If it is that lethal, why have more people died of the flu in the UK up until the end of September?


WorldbyStorm - October 18, 2020

Have they really?

And are you sockpuppeting across two sites at the moment. To be asked the same question on two different sites within an hour of one another by supposedly different users using different usernames makes me kind of suspicious that it’s the same randomer on the internet who is addressing me.

Just to save time here’s the answer I gave to you… I mean of course “Charlotte Anne” over on ASF.

As to the UK statistics re ‘common flu’ killing more people in the UK to the end of September I think I’ll sooner take this data from the UK government than some randomer on the internet.


It states:

“Of all death occurrences between January and August 2020, there were 48,168 deaths due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) compared with 13,619 deaths due to pneumonia and 394 deaths due to influenza.”


“Influenza and pneumonia was mentioned on more death certificates than COVID-19, however COVID-19 was the underlying cause of death in over three times as many deaths between January and August 2020.”

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Richard EcoLiving - October 18, 2020

How can they be attributed to covid19 when there is no gold standard to test against?


Laura Gunnarson - October 18, 2020

As long as it was mentioned on death certificates. Sure that’s me told, eh.


WorldbyStorm - October 18, 2020

Sockpuppets of Angus Whitewheater.

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2. Angus Whitewheater - October 18, 2020

According to the Office of National Statistics -UK.

You would, be, wrong.



WorldbyStorm - October 18, 2020

Oh look sockpuppeting breaking out all over. And rather than the actual website an image lashed up 2 minutes ago to an image hosting site. Why even bother to destroy any credibility you might have?

Anyhow none of this is difficult to understand. The idea of something causing something else that might be fatal is not news and hitherto has been uncontroversial.

Pneumococcal pneumonia (bacterial pneumonia) can trigger a pneumonia that can kill. In an instance where it does pneumonia would be the immediate cause of death but it would be the germ that caused the pneumonia. Similarly in the context of viruses, the influenza virus could cause pneumonia that would kill someone and it would again be the pneumonia that was immediately the cause of death but the influenza that was responsible for the pneumonia.

As it happens I know people who have caught Covid-19 and it was significantly than flu. People closely related to two friends of mine have caught Covid-19 and in younger cohorts 20s and late 30s wound up with long term serious cardiac conditions that were not there before.

I also know of people who’ve died from Covid-19.

Most rational people get this, understand the seriousness of it and don’t waste their time playing pointless diversionary games.

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Angus Whitewheater - October 18, 2020

You don’t like being corrected do you.

Did those people die ‘With’ covis19 or ‘Of’ covid19

I’d be interested to know.


WorldbyStorm - October 18, 2020

Couldn’t care less about being corrected if someone actually corrects me. If you had even the slightest knowledge of this site you’d know that. But you don’t and you didn’t ‘correct me’ (if you’d read the ONS piece it specifically says “due to”. I see no evidence at all of statistical or epidemiological expertise on your part so pardon my scepticism at your last question).

If you wanted to engage in a rational discussion you would respond directly to points put to you rather than sockpuppet, evasion and offering misrepresentations and nonsense.

Do you have any sense of how your own approach delegitimises any points you might have to make and how it makes your line seem one of pathological denial about reality? I can’t say what goes on in your head, but your actions suggest you don’t seem to take this in any way seriously. Again for those of us who had some experience of the virus and those who have been affected by it that is pretty poor.

BTW I noted that you were sockpuppeting which is a banning offence on this site. You didn’t stop. All the best.

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Angus Whitewheater - October 18, 2020

If you need more up to date info be sure to give me a shout. Lest you may end up looking like an idiot on more than two sites.

Chin up champ.


WorldbyStorm - October 18, 2020

Do you really believe your comments here or on ASF and your behaviours have offered anything that would convince anyone of your credibility or that you’re the go to voice for sound, reasoned, logical discussion and information?

And that being insulting makes you more covincing?


Good luck with that…


An Sionnach Fionn - October 18, 2020

I just let these virus-deniers talk themselves stupid. It usually doesn’t take long…! 😉

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WorldbyStorm - October 18, 2020

That’s a good strategy 🙂


3. Angus Whitewheater - October 18, 2020

You do not like being corrected do you.


WorldbyStorm - October 18, 2020


You keep saying this. But I am corrected regularly on this site. I have been over the past thirteen or fourteen odd years. You can’t but have people point out errors of fact or interpretation across that length of time and when one writes posts daily about a range of topics. If I was that thin skinned, stupid or egotistical I’d have slung my hook years ago but I don’t mind making mistakes or learning new stuff or having people contradict me – which by the way is what you’ve been doing, not correcting me because you’ve offered nothing but assertions and refused to engage. Indeed the whole point of this site is about learning through different viewpoints but for that to happen there has to be good faith. Here’s the thing – people who put up misinformation and/or don’t engage and/or sock puppet and/or insult aren’t acting in good faith. And it’s interesting there’s a pattern to their behaviours too, seen it scores of times over the years. First there’s fly by comments (often with indirect or ambiguous or insulting references) with at best cherry picked data, more usually unsubstantiated assertion, then it kicks up a notch like the sock puppeting and with no efforts to engage and then there’s the open insults.

Interestingly in your case you’ve gone through those stages in a few hours. Some have taken days others months and one or two long games of a few years – there’s been a few with some stamina. But it always ends up with the insults and personalised attacks.

It’s happened before it’ll happen again.

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4. Angus Whitewheater - October 18, 2020

Misinformation.. .

You’re the guy with the misinformation. We’re not all buttoned up the back.

Slán anois gasúr beag.


WorldbyStorm - October 18, 2020

And still you continue to parade insulting comments…


5. Aonrud ⚘ - October 18, 2020

Apropos of nothing, a few hints if you want to improve your trolling game.

Use plausible links – nobody’s going to click on truth.cheapnameco/qwerty assuming it’s an authoritative source.

Maybe switch your VPN around for different accounts. It’s really the minimum effort for plausibility.

I’ve no time for it myself, but remember that the internet is awash with pedants, so increase your plausibility with some proof-reading.

But, most of all, remember to have fun! Posting the same remark repeatedly can’t be fun… We have bots for that – try learning some Python and freeing up some time.

Also, give this a go on the right forum and you’ll have great craic: Covid was transmitted to us all via Hawking radiation by a previous universe that saw what we’d get up to and wanted to stop us…

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WorldbyStorm - October 18, 2020

“I’ve no time for it myself, but remember that the internet is awash with pedants, so increase your plausibility with some proof-reading.”



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