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James Bay interview… and also long delayed shows… October 23, 2020

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Jason O’Toole has an interview with James Bay in the Mirror where Bay expresses his love of Ireland and Irish gigs, and not merely because one of his group are from Newry:

“I’ve had some of the greatest shows ever in Ireland. I played Electric Picnic on my twenty-fifth or twenty-sixth birthday. It was one of the greatest gigs of my life. “I played Live At The Marquee and we made the video for a song Just for Tonight at the show. “And I cannot get enough of the Olympia. Every time I play there, (I love looking at) all those posters backstage. I tell people all the time about the REM rehearsals, just the fact that they did that (there).

“As I think lately about how desperate I am to do proper gigs again, I would happily go and do a couple of weeks at the Olympia.” He added: “I look forward to doing more arenas one day, I’ve enjoyed the arenas. And even last summer playing stadiums with Ed Sheeran – what a dream! Opening for him was an incredible experience. You know, 70/80,000 people a night. “But theatres and the Olympia in particular – oh, it’s the sense of family and community in there. It’s just such a joy to play in that room.

The Olympia is a great venue for audiences. Can’t count the number of groups I’ve seen there. BTW, what’s it like for those working there?

Meanwhile this arrived for me during the week. Now bear in mind long before the pandemic Mr. Osbourne had been already twice postponed IIRC.

We have just been advised that Ozzy Osbourne at the 3Arena, Dublin which was due to take place on the 5th November 2020 (originally 30th January 2019 then 2nd February 2020) has been rescheduled again due to COVID-19. 

What Now?

The event will now take place at the same venue on Tuesday 1st March 2022 at 6.30pm.

What now indeed?


1. sonofstan - October 23, 2020

” what’s it like for those working there?”

It’s grand, except for the nightmare of getting a 40ft truck down Sycamore St. Needs to back down, which means a 3-12 point turn on Dame St, usually in the morning rush hour.
Only other occasional headache is the raked stage, which means anything on wheels needs to be locked, or braked with a stage weight.
Artists generally love it, and if you’re on stage you can see why – the crowd in the circle are at eye level and feel much nearer than they are, so you get the energy of a much smaller venue with close to 2,000 people.


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