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Simulation hypothesis October 24, 2020

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This is great, from Scientific American and a piece on the likelihood that the universe is a simulation. To be honest the very fact this is seriously discussed is – I guess, to some – possibly troubling. Moreover the following from a discussion between Neil deGrasse Tyson and comic Chuck Nice is fascinating. They were discussing the simulation hypothesis and how a simulation would place huge stress on the simulation (in terms of resources and energy).

“Maybe that’s why we can’t travel faster than the speed of light, because if we could, we’d be able to get to another galaxy,” said Nice, the show’s co-host, prompting Tyson to gleefully interrupt. “Before they can program it,” the astrophysicist said,delighting at the thought. “So the programmer put in that limit.”

Forget another galaxy. At this point we couldn’t really make it to another star system. At current technologies – or at near future realisable technologies it would take a century to get to our nearest neighbouring system, that being Alpha Centauri B. And that would be at 4.5% of the speed of light. Still the nuclear pulse propulsion is still a stretch away. Project Orion is a lot more blunt and crude but might be lashed together a bit more easily utilising nuclear bombs to propel it to perhaps 0.1cee. But one has to wonder how likely such a vessel would be put together, except in extremis. And after that, well we’re talking propulsion methods that really are blue-sky thinking.

So, the universe has some pretty impressive and implacable physical constraints on travel between star systems. Stephen Baxter has played with this notion a number of times in fiction – most notably in his collection Phase Space. Two stories stand out – the title of the collection and The Barrier. One posits that the universe we see around us is a form of simulation, the other on the Zoo Hypothesis. They’re great and of course a simulation answers the Fermi Paradox, that being the lack of evidence of extraterrestrial civilisations given the estimates of the probability of same offering high numbers.

It seems a lot of trouble to go to, but then again, a civilisation or entity with sufficient resources… well, perhaps why wouldn’t they create simulations, even ones where there were sentient simulations?

Almost needless to say it has figured in plenty of fictions.


1. EWI - October 24, 2020

Point in favour, the systematic misspelling of the word soldier as ‘solider’.

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