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Sunday and other Media Stupid Statements from this week… October 25, 2020

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Person argues for freedom of press on reporting Covid-19 by… er… suggesting they shut down reporting of Covid-19.

What better to stoke our anxiety than the daily dose of dire data. Each individual is of course a concern or indeed in some cases a tragic loss; but the data themselves are often dreadful statistically – sometimes accumulated over days, weeks and in one instance, months before, but only reported on that particular day. It would of course be more informative statistically and less anxiety provoking, if we didn’t have the daily diet or morbidity and mortality, but instead had a weekly average, reported, I would suggest, on a Monday evening (after the weekend).

Person argues that because the findings of an expert advisory group is not to their liking they should change the composition of said expert advisory group – though ducks the issue of what possible alternative course there is in the midst of an exponentially growing numbers of cases in a viral pandemic:

It is obvious that Nphet, dominated by Department of Health and HSE voices, is not representative enough. Will more thought be given now to the suggestion in the Government’s document from June about the governance structures of Nphet that its composition “may change further over time in line with the expertise required across the response”?

Person argues we are living in the most ‘severe’ lockdown in Europe (on the same day Wales enters a ‘firebreak’ lockdown, no less – a lockdown which as the Guardian notes ‘People will have to stay at home and pubs, restaurants, hotels and non-essential shops will shut. Primary schools will reopen after the half-term break, but only years 7 and 8 in secondary schools can return at that time)…

….but the BBC report here would suggest that is a parochial view given curfews and other restrictions across Europe (and compare and contrast populations of regions and large cities as against that of this state – 22m in France alone under 9pm-6am curfew with only essential trips permitted).

Then there’s this gem.

Like global warming, the zero-Covid proposal for the island of Ireland is something few of us are qualified to judge. The best we can do is compare the number of experts on each side of the debate. This proves nothing, of course: science is not a democracy. But it clearly matters that zero-Covid is advocated by only a handful of scientists and opposed by the vast majority of their colleagues, just as 97 per cent of climate scientists agree man-made change is occurring.

Uh-huh. So arguing for a zero-Covid approach, which of necessity requires trace and testing etc, is somehow on some level akin to climate change denial? Though Newton doesn’t actually explain why a zero-Covid approach is unattainable and explicitly argues that it is nothing to do with partition…

Let’s end the coronavirus quotes on a more positive note. No greater joy in heaven for a sinner that repents. Step forward Mark Paul who while continuing with his customary hyperbole – again, same days as Wales ‘firebreak’ etc, etc, can talk about draconian travel restrictions etc, etc… but…

The most galling part of the decision to trash the economy and society with a second lockdown is that, in the circumstances that persist, it may be the wisest thing to do. It feels like such a self-inflicted wound. But in the absence of the necessary public health structures to stay on top of the virus, what else can the State do at this moment? Let it rip? It was out of control. That cannot be ignored.

He’s almost there. He really is. And while many will agree with the first point in the following…

However, that is not the same thing as believing that accepting rolling lockdown is correct as a strategy. The State appears to have wasted the last shutdown and the summer lull in virus infection that followed.

Surely that waste of time couldn’t be the result of some in newspaper columns strenuously arguing for faster reopenings, criticising every restriction and exhorting people to ‘live with the virus’.

Sure could!

Then this morning, it feels like trolling when an article references ‘nationalist necrophiliacs in its first three paragraphs. Guess who?

Meanwhile the very stable genius came up with this:

Mr Trump said those polls [that showed Biden in the lead] underestimated his support. “I think we’re leading in a lot of states you don’t know about,” he told reporters at the White House.

States we don’t know about?


1. An Sionnach Fionn - October 25, 2020

“Each individual is of course a concern or indeed in some cases a tragic loss”.

Sorta let’s the Darwinist cat out of the neoliberal bag with that one. Only “some cases” are a tragic loss? Implying, well, you know, they were old or infirmed or had some known underlying health condition, so probably in time they would have stopped being a burden on society anyway. And, hey, now some never will become a burden because the virus found the weak ones and took care of the problem for us.

The thinking might not be so explicit. But it’s there in the subconscious thinking of a significant chunk of the press. And the Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil backbenches.

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2. An Sionnach Fionn - October 25, 2020


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WorldbyStorm - October 25, 2020

That is very very interesting. Doesn’t it suggest a media elite entirely out of sync with popular attitudes?

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Michael Carley - October 25, 2020

The difference between people who go home at the weekend and those who go to their second home.

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sonofstan - October 25, 2020

There was an absolutely bizarre headline on the RTE site during the week: ‘Vogue* on level 5: I feel so sorry for businesses’
*(Vogue Williams is a model and she was sharing her pain with Ryan Tubridy)

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WorldbyStorm - October 25, 2020


And RTÉ isn’t the worst of it by a long shot.

I think I mentioned this before but the creatures friends many are from non-national backgrounds and live in apartments. There’s considerable caution and adherence to guidelines because some are from single parent or families with one breadwinner and where if people get ill they face losing income. And yet the Irish middle class continue on their self-entitled way.


3. gypsybhoy69 - October 26, 2020

Here’s a sentence I never thought I’d write but Tubs has been blinding a blinder from a public service perspective on the LLS around all things pandemic.

In line with the thread I thought this was a particularly nasty article by Pat Leahy (another freebie delivered for the Blueshirts):


WorldbyStorm - October 26, 2020

Leahy has detached from reasonable analysis on the issue.

Yeah, Tubridy kind of seems to get the seriousness of things.


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