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Left Archive: Non-Stop Connolly Show, Leaflet, Easter Week, 1975 October 26, 2020

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Many thanks to the person who forwarded this to the Archive.

As noted in The Lost Revolution by Brian Hanley and Scott Miller this was a production that was in part supported by Official Sinn Féin in order to counter what had been described in the Official IRA Easter Statement in 1975 as attacks on Irish culture through ‘TV and Radio to saturate the minds of our people with an alien capitalist ideology and an equally alien Anglo-American culture.’


‘To counter this Officials were active in organizing cultural events, notably the Easter Week Non-Stop Connnolly Show performed in Liberty Hall. This was a 24-hour play written by ex-member John Arden that dramatised the life of James Connolly. The cast included Jim Sheridan, who had been involved with RIDD, and Jer O’Leary, while those who helped organize the event including Geraghty, Harris and Goulding.’

It notes that “Some members of the movement found such endeavours invigorating, though one recalls feeling that ‘dying for Ireland in the GPO would have been less painful than sitting through some of that stuff”.

However the Non-Stop Connolly Show received strong critical approval and was popular. Here are some links to external information on the production and a revival more recently.


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