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WhatsApp…. October 27, 2020

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Got sent one of the Fine Gael anti Sinn Féin videos via WhatsApp. Forwarded to a non politicial group. I hadn’t got an unsolicited party politicial video before via WhatsApp. Have had loads of shite sent but not that! I wonder is it a new departure, send to members and get them to forward on to their circles and so on.

By doing it now is it an attempt to normalise them by the time the next election comes along. I gather Bolsonaro used WhatsApp to a massive extent.
Have you got Irish party politicial videos via WhatsApp?

On the content, it’s so interesting looking at the polls and FG seem to be reading the future better than FF. The next election will be fought between SF and either FF or FG with a battle to be the more anti SF of the two. Fine Gael has been attacking Sinn Féin not just in the Dáil but have been doing it very effectively on Social Media too. It’s not to win votes from Sinn Féin but to win votes from those that don’t like Sinn Féin.


1. EWI - October 27, 2020

Given that both WhatsApp and Instagram are owned by the open sewer of commercialised fascism known as Facebook, you can unfortunately expect more of that in the future.

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