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School transmission rates October 28, 2020

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Really interesting. The Covid rates in Schools we are being told about do not include the initial cases that led to the testing in the first place.

So the numbers must be higher than officially communicated.


1. WorldbyStorm - October 28, 2020

Though the ASTI’s concerns as articulated this evening were measured. That is interesting re the transmission rates. It’s never a good look when numbers appear to be massaged in that way.

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crocodileshoes - October 28, 2020

No shortage of people writing to the papers and ringing phone- in shows to express their outrage at other people’s unwillingness to put themselves at risk. There are many class and religious and generational rifts in our society, but can there be any loathing more visceral than that of journalists for teachers? (See Conor Lally of the IT’s tweets.)

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WorldbyStorm - October 28, 2020

Just checked out his twitter feed. Wow. What a hero he is 😦


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