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That latest SBP/RedC poll October 29, 2020

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In a way the latest poll landed with little or no fuss. And why would there be? One could run the observations on the last poll almost verbatim and they would apply just as well.

FG 37 +2

SF 27 NC

FF 11 +1

IND 8 -2


SD 3 -1





Okay, that FG figure is reaching up to 40%. Could they do it? Difficult to say.
But even that 2% for FG is fairly marginal. Still, the continuingly grim ratings for FF are something else. As noted in the SBP, there was a budget and it had no effect at all. Then again stability makes sense in that there’s a greater and at least partly existential issue of the day.

The figures on FF’s vote and where it has gone since February 2020 (a different age – eh?) points to a quarter going to FG, 18% undecided, 13% to SF and 7% split almost equally between other parties and Inds. I was surprised at that 3% for Inds and then it struck me that those who would vote for Inds had largely already left FF and were supporting them already.

As to the 18%, as noted in comments, there’s going to be some battle over them and where they go, whether back to FF, on to FG or to SF or parts elsewhere.


1. NFB - October 29, 2020

I’d say that Green number is no longer “NC”…

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2. Fergal - October 29, 2020

Fine Gael is the new Ireland…
At ease with social legislation that made the country catch up with the rest of the world
Greener in a nationalist sense than FF today
Virulently anti SF
In thrall to market fundamentalism/neo-liberalism
Suave, swarmy and smarter than the other right-wing parties
Welcome to the new world, same as the old one


Fergal - October 29, 2020



3. sonofstan - October 29, 2020

The FG figure is hardly that secure though: they were on 21% at the election and can go back there.

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Fergal - October 29, 2020

Agreed Son… but right now the blue shirts are playing a blinder…sitting back, no crap coming at them … witness Golfgate and the recent law on the mother and child homes etc (internment camps). Helped by a MSM as well…or even Covid back in March with the Heaney-quoting Leo
Going from 21% to 37% is a massive leap, even it may not be sustainable…and FF have been woeful… more talent in your local pub

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4. NFB - October 29, 2020

I wonder what the plan is within FG regards going to the people again, that is, at what point do they decide to collapse the coalition? What disaster of the week will cut it? It won’t be till Spring, but something will happen.

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5. irishelectionliterature - October 29, 2020

FG are on that level mainly due to the leadership shown during the first wave of the pandemic. Varadkar and Harris are excellent communicators where Martin and Donnelly aren’t.
Most of the problems in the current Government so far have not been in Ministries that FG hold. Donnelly is appalling, Norma Foley isn’t great, Roderic O’Gorman is out of his depth.
FG are the major anti SF party. They are at it longer and do it better than FF. FG don’t see themselves fighting with SF for votes, just by doing so they are expanding their own base.

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