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Political rhetoric November 20, 2020

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

Hardly impressive the absurd machinations around the suspension and readmittance of Jeremy Corbyn from the British Labour Party. Always preferred John McDonnell, but even factoring in Corbyn’s own sometimes off-hand rhetoric that he seemed particularly shabbily treated in the last month or so.

What was most striking to me was the manner in which the apology he offered in the last week or so was not deemed sufficient by those who had welcomed his suspension. That seemed deeply unfair as if there was nothing he could say that would assuage those critical of him.

As if to add to the absurdity there is this, the news that Starmer will not give Corbyn the Labour Whip. But why ever not given the LPs internal mechanisms themselves determined that he should be readmitted?

Speaking of rhetoric, I missed Boris Johnson’s comments about devolution at the weekend.

Politicians across the spectrum have reacted angrily after Boris Johnson dismissed devolution as “a disaster north of the border”. During a Zoom call with around 60 northern Conservative MPs on Monday evening, the prime minister described devolution as “Tony Blair’s biggest mistake”.

It’s not just the content of his words. It’s the context. This surely is an anti-democratic statement of the worst kind. And oblivious to the potential consequences. Not least that Scottish Tories had to rebuff the statement:

The Scottish Conservative leader, Douglas Ross, who has spoken out against Westminster policy on a number of occasions since his election in July, appeared to partly contradict Johnson, saying: “Devolution has not been a disaster. The SNP’s non-stop obsession with another referendum – above jobs, schools and everything else – has been a disaster.”

One would imagine the SNP would be delighted with this sort of stuff, and who could blame them. These words make their own case for them perfectly.


1. NFB - November 20, 2020

I recall the Tories dangling “Devo Max” in the days leading up to the Scottish referendum. Think that was the last time they mentioned it as well!

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WorldbyStorm - November 20, 2020

That’s right. To say they can’t be trusted is an understatement.


2. sonofstan - November 20, 2020

As pithy a summary of the Starmer/ Corbyn situation as you’ll read:

One key problem for Starmer is that there is a broad consensus amongst Corbyn’s opponents of what ‘institutional antisemitism’ is – and it’s not in keeping with what’s been laid out in the EHRC report. Rather than the problem of institutional discrimination being one centred around a process that’s vulnerable to political interference, it’s understood as whether general rules can produce the specific political outcome of Corbyn being sealed in a tomb forevermore. Starmer can uphold the findings of the EHRC report, or he can dedicate his time as LOTO to booting out Corbyn. He can’t do both

Ash Sarkar at Novara

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WorldbyStorm - November 20, 2020

V good.


3. gregtimo - November 20, 2020

It’s dreadful (he shouldnt have been blackmailed into yet having to apologise) and the whole furore has become very off-putting, which is possibly deliberate . ie Return control of Britain’s LP to the ‘centrist’ professional triangulators and drive away enough members to cement that ? Anyhow NovaraMedia’s coverage (and I didnt manage to watch the whole thing, but interesting takes from the young London left/commentariat on the latest twists) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUw4M5_sEEc
The prolific young Left economist Grace Blakely holds forth in Tribune and it seemed to me she was losing patience with McDonnell’s apparent lukewarm support for Corbyn . McD though he has remained charming , has long lost the plot to a degree imo , believing he could appease the ‘centrists’ .
Let’s put it in context, if the weaponizing of antisemitism were to happen to the same degree here, there wouldnt be much of a left left . Yes there’s a problem (to what real degree over there I dont know), but there is a problem with wider racism and again wider prejudice in general. No black men were elected in the recent Labour NEC elections for example .
Few have campaigned as tirelessly as Corbyn against racism and positively all round. If he was flawed it was in being too soft on the leadership team that seemed to get overwhelmed between 2017 to 19 .
There is a need to take a pragmatic view, prejudice is a downside of imperfect humor nature that will never entirely be eliminated. Taking zero tolerance positions pays into the hands of weaponising political elites, instead we should strive to reduce it and for more self awareness . I dont what lessons we can learn precisely, but beware of falling into such traps


4. Roger Cole - November 20, 2020

Johnson’s attack on the very existence of Scottish Devolution is not separate from his decision to break international law re Northern Ireland. He is in favour of destroying both the Scottish Parliament and the Northern Ireland Assembly and concentrating power in the UK Parliament that he controls. The attitude of the DUP re Covid suggests to me that its hardliners are already part of his network.
It certainly suggests those of us who want England to leave Ireland and Scotland need to work more closely together to ensure the disintegrating British Imperial state does so as quickly as possible

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benmadigan - November 20, 2020

Serious issues are arising within the Scottish Independence movement about 1) FM Sturgeon’s lack of action (or even plan beyond asking Westminster’s permission to hold a referendum), even though the SNP loudly and often proclaimed “Scotland will not be dragged out of the EU against its will”.
2) FM Sturgeon’s focus on Gender and Hate Speech Bills and not Independence
3) The Scottish government’s role in “framing”Alex Salmond for sexual abuse of women. A court cleared him of all charges.
4) Lack of support for All Under One Banner independence marches. The SNP was even complicit in jailing the organiser


5. gregtimo - November 21, 2020

Excuse typos above. Yet more (Uk Labour left) gossip on the latest UK Labour internal scrap/ eternal ‘antisemitism’ furore

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6. gregtimo - November 21, 2020

Petition anyone can sign (even in Ireland) from a Labour left ginger group


7. gregtimo - November 21, 2020

Ronan Burtenshaw writing (former Joan Collins advisor, now Tribune editor , which since it’s re-birth is related to Jacobin)


WorldbyStorm - November 21, 2020

This must chill them:

“In a further warning to Keir Starmer and his leadership team, Richmond Park – which had been the first CLP in the country to nominate Starmer for Labour leader – also passed a motion of support for Corbyn. This demonstrated that it wasn’t just bastions of the Left where the campaign is attracting support; the meeting had one of the highest attendances of any since that leadership vote earlier this year.”

Again, the ineptitude of all the anti-Corbyn stuff. Really really cack-handed.


sonofstan - November 21, 2020

Like Blair, KS has no interest in what the Labour party thinks – and, again like Blair, he finds the idea of the LP being, or having been recently, the largest political party in Europe, not an asset but a threat. Instead of relying on a membership with annoying opinions and commitments to do the work, they would rather outsource to PR companies and the like, after the model of slimmed down capitalist enterprises. The Tories are no different.

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8. gypsybhoy69 - November 22, 2020

I’m not into conspiracy theories but here’s one I’m developing myself from things I’ve seen. The British establishment got spooked by the Corbyn Labour result when May called the snap election. They got spooked to a lesser degree previously by the SSP result in Scotland. Dealing with the SNP was one thing but a new different form of organised socialism was intolerable much like how Corbyn had actually turned the Labour Party into a different beast. They had to be destroyed. Now once you decide to destroy something its usually not that difficult. You just need to focus a certain apparatus of the state to find things that will identify the means to bring what you aim to destroy into disrepute. Usually there’s something if you pry enough. Then your work is done. Bring what you find as a Achilles heel out into the open, stand back and watch the thing you want to destroy, destroy itself and your hands are clean. Obviously it doesn’t help that there was an Achilles heel but it’s how the entity under attack responds. Cool collective heads are needed. A properly thought out approach to deal with the Achilles heel needs to be worked out but it’s not easy when there is already factionalism or it becomes developed when a crisis emerges.

IMHO the Achilles heel exploited by the state in the SSP was identified as being Tommy himself and in the Corbyn Labour party it was Anti-Semitism. In the former it was a slam dunk and in the latter it was case not proven. Both of those are just personal opinions and I’m happy to debate further.

To this cynic, it is hard to believe, that there wasn’t any state involvement in a Sir who was previously DPP becoming leader of the UK Labour Party no matter how embedded in the state it was previously. There was a desperate need to reboot the major opposition party into the perceived form of what an opposition party should be and Sir Keir was the man to do it.

To finish what I say next is likely to picked up on in some quarters as being Anti-Semitic but truly it’s not. Any party that starts pandering to ‘Friends of Israel’ is to be avoided and is dangerous. BLP in fairness hasn’t just started, it’s been influenced for a long time. The threat to their standing by the Corbyn inspired membership had to be sorted.

The British PM is known to most sane people to be racist and has surrounded himself by like minded individuals. Where’s the focus on that? Stamer disgraces himself and the Labour Party (not that it’s needed help in disgracing itself) by not focusing on the racist Boris and by extension the post-Brexit referendum Tory party, if he truly believes Corbyn has a case to answer.

My guess is that destroying the Corbyn project in the Labour Party is considered by many in leadership roles, worth the loss of the Labour party with the prospect of moving on to some other entity, that will be easier to control..

I’ve a name to suggest to Keir if he’s looking to start again – New Agenda. i know a cheap glib comment but hey it’s in line with the conspiracy theory I’m promoting.


sonofstan - November 22, 2020

One of my favourite political jokes was the observation, I don’t know the source, that Ralph Miliband spent his living arguing that the Labour Party couldn’t deliver socialism in Britain and his sons set out to prove him right.
Preventing socialism seems to be the raison d’etre of many in the LP leadership. It wasn’t the establishment that eviscerated the Corbyn project, it was Labour MPs and their media allies.

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