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Shoot the messenger November 20, 2020

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This is telling, the Examiner today has a piece saying:

Cabinet members have expressed their annoyance at their own public health officials over the “stalling” in the progress in reducing the cases of Covid-19. A fresh gulf is emerging between political leaders and medics over the road out of lockdown in two weeks’ time with ministers expressing annoyance at the lack of progress.


Ministers have said that the basis of introducing the level 5 lockdown for six weeks was to get the daily cases of the virus below 100, and that is being undermined by the stubborn refusal of the numbers to drop.

Which somehow is the fault of…?

“We were told by Nphet that if we lockdown for six weeks, the numbers will get down to 100 per day. They are nowhere near that so we are left asking what are we doing. The next week will be crucial,” said one minister.

Well frankly that’s an absurd argument – that somehow NPHET is to blame if numbers don’t go down. Lockdowns, indeed all restrictions, are only as good as the adherence to them, and the policing of them. And of course what of the broader mood music, say from the media, the sort of stuff which might weaken such adherence… stuff like…

Several ministers are also frustrated at the hardline approach from Nphet when the second wave of Covid-19 is 90% less deadly than the first.

Less deadly is a very loaded term. In fact this is the actual situation.


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