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Interview with Joe Chester November 21, 2020

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Solo artist, member of A Lazarus Soul, played with the Waterboys and collaborator with Gemma Hayes – the Mirror has an interview conducted by Jason O’Toole, which raises a very interesting point about performance during the pandemic. Chester has a new album out, Jupiter’s Wife, and has:

…recorded a full-length live performance to help promote his latest album Jupiter’s Wife in a French church of all places, which is a lovely touch.
Joe’s concert film Under The Ragged Thorn, which was recorded at L’Église du Gesú in Nice, will be streamed online next week thanks to Axis Ballymun.


Joe capturing the intimate performance in a place of worship – with a little help from his French wife Julie Bienvenu who beats the drums alongside her hubby on guitar in my favourite Irish indie band A Lazarus Soul – sounds like a marriage made in heaven. 

For those interested:

It will be streamed at 8pm on Thursday, November 26 and then made available for a limited time of only 48 hours afterwards. 
“The idea being, I still want to encourage the communal experience – that people will watch it at the same time, as opposed to we could put it up anytime and people could watch it on their phones on the bus,” he explained. 
“I really want to hold onto that feeling of people experiencing the thing together as an audience.”
It promises to be a visually interesting film too with all the bells and whistles of a big production  – unlike the vast majority of recent performances you’ll see from many acts on a dodgy webcam streamed on Facebook.  

Certainly sounds like an excellent way of getting at least something of the live experience across to audiences who are now dispersed widely.

Another interesting point: “I think there’s a nostalgic craze at the moment and when it comes to making music I think that nostalgia is a disease.”


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