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A crushing indictment… November 22, 2020

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From the Guardian this evening and the latest Trump court case to fall, this time in Pennsylvania…

In the latest setback to Trump’s efforts, Matthew Brann, a Republican US district court judge in Pennsylvania, threw out the Trump campaign’s request to disenfranchise almost 7 million voters there.

Brann also suggested that the Trump campaign’s case demonstrated a failure to understand the US constitution, writing: “Plaintiffs seek to remedy the denial of their votes by invalidating the votes of millions of others. Rather than requesting that their votes be counted, they seek to discredit scores of other votes, but only for one race. This is simply not how the constitution works.”


1. CL - November 23, 2020

” Powell is not some random gadfly: She has appeared alongside Rudy Giuliani at press conferences and has been a key spokeswoman for the legal effort to keep Donald Trump in the White House. What she is alleging is a vast conspiracy, involving millions of machine-altered votes, deceased dictator Hugo Chavez (who “couldn’t even make the red lights work in Venezuela,” notes Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera), and top Democrats and Republicans. If all of these people were in on this illegal scheme—the most serious and unprecedented assault on American democracy in living memory—then there would need to be dozens or perhaps hundreds of staffers and support persons in the know as well.”

“The Trump campaign on Sunday sought to distance itself from attorney Sidney Powell, despite her appearing with campaign lawyers at press events as recently as last week.
In a brief statement released Sunday afternoon, President Trump’s lead attorney Rudy Giuliani and senior legal adviser Jenna Ellis said that Powell “is not a member of the Trump Legal Team.”…
Trump himself has also referred to Powell as a member of his legal team in tweets as recently as Nov. 14.”

The gang that couldn’t sue straight….

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WorldbyStorm - November 23, 2020



2. gregtimo - November 23, 2020

Speculation on Trumps (and seeming intermittent support of other Republican establishment) is seemingly endless . Paul Jay’s The Analysis has had some interesting theories of a complicated con-job underway (to do with Trump trying to evade his huge personal debt), while a piece in Jacobin reckoned it was cover for an attempted Republican gerrymander of the House of Representatives (maybe both + practice for stealing 2024?). The seeming receding support for Trump might be to do with the very tight polling in The Georgia Senate elections which go to run-off in January. In the unlikely case of the Democrats winning both, it would be a 50:50 tie which will give Vice-President elect Harris the casting vote . I would guess it is now more important for them to play it safe in that battle and reel Trump back in. Maybe Trump is in the process of been bailed out ?


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