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They cannot let it lie November 24, 2020

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Today comes the news that:

Labour’s chief whip has told Jeremy Corbyn to “unequivocally, unambiguously and without reservation” apologise for his claims that the extent of antisemitism in the party had been “dramatically overstated”, which led to his membership being suspended.

Bizarre to see them continue to stir the pot.


1. EWI - November 24, 2020

It’s been very clearly just a stick against the left of the party from the start, and fuelled by Israeli patronage.

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2. sonofstan - November 24, 2020

One presumably unintended consequence of this nonsense is that anyone young and Muslim who is reading conspiracy theory stuff about the disproportionate influence of a shadowy Jewish lobby will have that suspicion confirmed by this, especially given the complete inaction regarding Islamaphobia in both major parties.


EWI - November 24, 2020
3. Fergal - November 24, 2020

In other news from Blighty, 60,000 have died from Covid19…


4. Fergal - November 24, 2020

On a more serious note I think there’s more to this story… Karmer wants to
1. Break the parliamentary left… 10%c of MOs
2. Lose members… of the pesky Corbynite kind
3. Then go after the imaginary liberal-centre ground, Blair mark 2 as if Iraq, the 2008 crash, austerity, Brexit or Trump never happened

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Fergal - November 24, 2020

MPs! Not MOs!


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