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Left Unity and Disunity… November 27, 2020

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I was reading (can’t recall where) that People Before Profit and RISE are currently engaged in talks over RISE joining PBP. I gather that we’ll know more closer to Christmas. Either way it’s encouraging to see proposed unity rather than splits…..

Elsewhere there’s talk of a split in the Spartacist League. They have produced just one Leaflet this year and both Workers Hammer and Workers Vanguard seem to be on hiatus. Anyone any idea what’s happening?


1. GearóidGaillimh - November 27, 2020

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2. sonofstan - November 27, 2020

I Am Spartacus! No, I am!

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3. Starkadder - November 27, 2020

How many people knew the Spartacist League were still around? I certainly didn’t.


GearóidGaillimh - November 27, 2020

Their paper always seems to be in Charlie Byrne’s in Galway.


Ross Kelly - November 28, 2020

Havent been to Galway in ages, do they sell loads of left wing publications?


GearóidGaillimh - November 28, 2020

Not particularly but Workers’ Hammer seems to be a feature


4. Left Unity and Disunity… a slight return | The Cedar Lounge Revolution - December 1, 2020

[…] IEL mentioned last week that there are rumours of a merger between RISE and PBP. The Phoenix had a piece on this noting that: […]


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