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Speaking of music and magazines… November 28, 2020

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Jason O’Toole was interviewing Gary Barlow, no less, in the Mirror this weekend. Barlow made a point in respect of that subject when he said:

“The funny thing was, the magazines catering to teenagers didn’t mind putting topless boys on the front of their magazines in the early ’90s. It was a very strange time. “This was just before Britpop happened. And so by the end of the ‘80s had come and Kylie and Jason and all those acts had gone, what you had for a couple of years was all these faceless dance acts. Who are Smash Hits going to put on the front? It was almost like they were giving us a chance not because the music was any good – it’s because they could actually put faces on the front of their magazine that people would be interested in. “So we were on the covers of magazines before we had any hits. So image and fashion came first for us.


“And I’ll be honest, it’s always been an area I’ve struggled with. I was never the cool kid at school, I’ve always felt like I couldn’t be trusted to dress myself – I’m just a guy who writes songs. So that’s the bit I struggle with. As you can probably see, as our career advanced and we came back the second time, it was then, all of a sudden, all about the music, coming back as men.

Which led him to the reasonable and very honest conclusion:

“I found my feet then at that point and it felt far more natural for me second time round being in this band than it ever did the first time around.”

I’ve often wondered at that dynamic with that particular genre of music – something that is so heavily invested in youth. And yet people grow older. Both fans and groups. There’s a nostalgic aspect – and that by the way is true across many musical genres, perhaps in some ways or another all. Interesting to hear how one of those at the heart of the process felt about it.

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