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A very Tory Christmas November 30, 2020

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Rafeal Behr put it very succinctly on the Guardian politics podcast just before the weekend in relation to matters both in the UK and the ROI…

I find this whole thing [the loosening of restrictions before Christmas] very peculiar because when you strip it down to its barest essentials and this is going to sound very cold hearted what I’m going to say but I’m. Just trying to understand the calculation that is going on … because we don’t… we haven’t completely suppressed the virus enough so you can allow people to circulate and risk a high level of contagion the calculation that is really going on here is let’s everyone kind of roll the dice a little bit over Christmas, that’s going to result in some people getting very ill and some people dying – we’ll know how many by kind of February or March but if we sort of minimise that as best as we can then no one is going to really know who rolled a one and who rolled a six and we get Christmas… it’s a very odd political choice to make…one suspects Downing Street’s view on this is steered quite heavily by the view on the Conservative benches in the House of Commons and now much capacity Boris Johnson has to annoy those Tory MPS who really think lockdown is an aberration and everyone should be running around and buying as much as possible…


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