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Polling on BLP members attitudes… December 1, 2020

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You know, if I was the current BLP leadership I might not be exactly delighted with this from Survation, polling on membership attitudes across a range of areas. While at first sight all might seem well for the leadership’s approach, one doesn’t have to dig too far to see a party that is pretty conflicted. Even on as basic a question as to whether they ‘believe the Labour Party is moving in the correct direction’ only 55% to 40% believe it is. And worse ‘optimistic (49%)/ pessimistic (41%) shows the divide, with 63% believing the party divided’.

Well, obviously it is divided, though to what extent is less clear. Consider:

On policy, a large majority (74%) believe the policies in the 2019 general election manifesto were broadly correct.

I think most of us would agree.

The architect, in part, of that programme is less popular… but not entirely unpopular.

48% to 46%, believe Jeremy Corbyn should have been given back the party whip, but at the same time, a larger margin have a negative view of the former leader’s initial response to the ECHR report. On one issue, there is more unity with 63% not trusting the party’s disciplinary process.

Starmer et al need to be very careful indeed or they might wind up with half a party – if not in fact, in attitude.


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