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“The Cork Vietnamese Freedom Association members and friends demonstrated their opposition to the presence of the American Warship, “USS Courtney” in Cork Harbour. Given that Ireland was supposed to be a neutral nation and the Americans were at war with the people of Vietnam, we were of the belief that their presence was in contradiction to Ireland’s long stated position of neutrality. The Vietnam/American War was at its height at that time in July 1967. There were 490,000 American troops in South Vietnam, along with some 850,000 South Vietnam troops attempting to crush the Viet Cong in South Vietnam at that time. And here was our government giving succour to the armed forces of America, a participant in that war. So we expressed our opposition and picketed for the best part of a week”. Jim Lane 17th, July 2017. 

Via The Irish Republican Marxist History Project


1. Enzo - December 2, 2020

My Grandfather holding the sign in the last picture there!

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Joe - December 2, 2020

Excellent! Fair play!


Enzo - December 3, 2020

You’ll be happy to know he went Sticky afterwards Joe 😉


banjoagbeanjoe - December 3, 2020

God bless him 🙂

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