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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Mayo and Dublin Songs December 19, 2020

Posted by irishelectionliterature in This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

In normal times I’d be stewarding in Croke Park on All Ireland Football Final day …. It’s all so strange , a final a few days before Christmas in an empty Croke Park. Yet, still, it’s something to really look forward to, as is Sundays Ladies Football final between Cork and Dublin.
The Camoige final was probably the best of the matches in Croke Park last weekend. Some brilliant skill and some incredible defence and harrying from Kilkenny. Having lost the last three finals Kilkennys joy was something else. You could feel the tension during the closing minutes as you wondered could Kilkenny hold on. They did.
Had you told someone a few years ago that the Limerick hurlers would be like an unbeatable machine, you would have got some strange looks. THey are incredible and I felt sorry for Waterford, who had they converted some of the early goal chances may have made a better game of it. As an aside the GAA insisting the Liam McCarthy stayed in GAA HQ was an inspired move in curtailing celebrations as the cup itself is such an attraction for celebrations.
So today, 31 counties cheering on Mayo and the rest cheering on the Dubs. It has to be the Dubs. That said the Dubs haven’t been in a close match all year, they haven’t been tested.
Tomorrow is going to be a very close game. Dublin came through a tough match against a very talented Armagh team. Cork beat an underwarmed Galway…. Think Cork may do it.


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