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Irish Left Archive Podcast: We’re back! More Podcasts for 2021 January 11, 2021

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We’re back after a taking break for a few months, so here’s a brief introductory episode where we discuss new guests from this new ‘season’ as well as issues around the Left Archive.

We’ll have full episodes with more guests coming out fortnightly, starting next week.

One of the new elements we’ve added to the site in recent months is to start a collection of personal accounts and recollections from people who have participated on the Left in Ireland. We hope these will provide an interesting context to Left activity, in addition to the document collection. If you have participated in Left political activism or organisations on any level, we’d be grateful if you would add your experience to the collection: you can send us your account on the website.


1. NFB - January 11, 2021

Interesting thoughts on Aontu. If you take away the abortion issue what is there that would really differentiate them from SF? Maybe more Euroskeptic?


WorldbyStorm - January 11, 2021

I’d think so – economically they’re in the same ballpark.


Aonrud ⚘ - January 11, 2021

One thing I’d wonder is whether they might get subsumed by the anti-abortion issue and draw in support only on that, at the expense of other policy, which could drag them to the right.

I’ve no insight into the reality of the party, but I wonder if that’s something they need to work against for fear of becoming a single-issue entity. I’d imagine it is the thing they’re most known for.

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banjoagbeanjoe - January 11, 2021

As well as the danger of becoming a single-issue entity, they must deal with the danger of becoming a single-person entity. Does anyone know the name of another Aontú member bar Peadar Tóibín?
And as I write that I realize I know my cousin’s name, who stood for them in a southside Dublin constituency, and… is a single-issue anti-abortion man afaik.

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