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Regina Doherty interview January 17, 2021

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In the Mirror this weekend, kind of intriguing how open she is – though another way of looking at it is that she is unafraid as a Senator to discuss with Jason O’Toole her political career (she was of course Minister of Employment Affairs and Social Protection ) because in some ways it is on hold. For example he gets straight to the point in the following:

How does it sit with her now being a Senator seeing as she was FG’s deputy director of election for the Seanad Abolition Referendum in 2013? She said: “I felt a bit of a hypocrite and so that’s why when Fine Gael [originally] asked me to run in the Seanad back in February I said no. I’ve gotten over that now. You’d really want to have a brass neck for it not to rest a little uneasy on you.”

And what of a spot of constituency bother? 

Does Regina think the rivalry in Meath East between her camp and FG constituency colleague Minister Helen McEntee was also another reason? She admitted: “Ah, yeah of course it was.  “There’s a healthy tension that’s required when you’re on the same team to lift everybody’s votes – we didn’t have that. “I don’t think there was ever a same team – and that’s fair enough.” She added: “There wasn’t a case of ‘I don’t like you because’ and ‘you don’t like me because’. We never had that kind of a friendship to discover deep enough about each other.” Despite past rivalry, Regina is quick to praise Justice Minister McEntee as being an “incredibly  ambitious, bright, intelligent woman”.


But she warned: “I open either newspapers or my inbox literally daily and I can see ambitions to change this, to reform that [in the Department of Justice.] “If anything I would fear that we would be taking on too much and then nothing might get resolved. I just would be fearful that there’s so much to be done that you might end up spreading yourself a little bit thin.”

And her own fall from grace – ie losing her seat?

The former Minister of Employment Affairs and Social Protection reckons she partially lost her Dail seat because of “the whole controversy around the pension age”.She also admitted to making the huge mistake of focusing all her efforts on her ministerial brief – much to the detriment of her own constituency.


1. alanmyler - January 17, 2021

“She also admitted to making the huge mistake of focusing all her efforts on her ministerial brief – much to the detriment of her own constituency.”

Well Helen might be making the same mistake. We were out for a local cycle yesterday around the area and the state of some of the back roads around here, potholes that would break a car let alone a bike if one was unfortunate enough to go into one. Definitely not what one expects of having a local minister at the Cabinet table. Tsk tsk.

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2. roddy - January 17, 2021

Focusing all her efforts on anti SF bile might have left less time for doing anything for her constituency.

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