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Sunday and other Media Stupid Statements from this week… January 17, 2021

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Somehow this morning one of the most bleak issues of the day has one commentator roping in Sinn Féin, again.

The Commission on Mother and Baby Homes prophetically warned about its report: “The conclusions it reaches may not always accord with the prevailing narrative.” Certainly it didn’t accord with the “prevailing narrative” of RTÉ presenters and Mary Lou McDonald, determined to pin all blame on church and State and to let Irish society off the hook. As an atheist, I am normally slow to defend the Roman Catholic Church or the pieties of Official Ireland – such as its lip service to Irish unity.

Also this morning a most curious statement from Lucinda Creighton on Trump being evicted from (private) social media…

The self-serving, cynical and non-transparent application of tech companies’ terms of service to censor speech should alarm right-thinking democrats. Our forefathers fought for and defended the core pillars of liberal democracy on our behalf. The idea that large corporations should decide who gets to speak, and what they can say, is terrifying. The fact that today’s large US corporates happen to align more with a left wing discourse should not assuage the concerns of the political left. This can flip in a moment, and they could very soon find themselves on the receiving end of such censorship. The principles of free and open discourse must be cherished across the board.

Given she herself writes “I shed no tears over Donald Trump losing access to his Twitter foghorn. ” so presumably she shares some of that ‘left wing discourse’? Or is the great self-avowed “centrist” not actually sure where the centre starts or ends? Clue: presumably some way left of Trump and Trumpism.

What epidemiological expert writes the following:?

One of the reasons for the explosion of the virus since Christmas is that many people stopped listening to official advice. The public squabbling between Nphet and the Government over the timing of moves from one level of restrictions to another created confusion and undermined the unity of purpose that characterised the first lockdown in the spring. The Nphet strategy of trying to scare people out of their minds with worry so that they stayed at home was all very fine for the first few months but following the big drop in cases over the summer something far more nuanced was needed to ensure that people followed official advice in the constantly changing pandemic. The Government’s efforts to ease the restrictions was undermined by Nphet’s hectoring and between them they managed to send out confusing messages.

None. None at all. Genuinely a disgraceful analysis (and there’s a completely gratuitous jibe against teachers in there too).

What expert on politics and insurrection writes the following?

This probably explains why most of us over here have so easily swallowed the dubious assertion that this was a serious attempt at insurrection. It was no such thing. It was just a riot that, although dangerous for those in the building, carried little credible threat to the existence of US democracy. Do people seriously think that such a ragtag, disorganised bunch of headbangers and numbskulls brought a genuine threat to the trajectory of the handover of US political power? Only in CNN’s world could this be thought of as a proper insurrection.

An insurrection can be cack-handed, chaotic, run by idiots and still be serious, still be a ‘proper’ insurrection. It may not have a whisper of achieving its stated aims and still have political effects and after-effects that will inflect a polity. And this one most certainly will.

Speaking of which… some people don’t appear to understand actions have consequences. At least to judge from the raft of requests for pardons from those involved…

Jenna Ryan, a Texas real estate broker who took a private jet to Washington to join the attack on the US Capitol, has pleaded with Donald Trump to pardon her after she was arrested by federal authorities. After surrendering to the FBI on Friday, Ryan said: “We all deserve a pardon.” “I’m facing a prison sentence,” she told CBS11 at her home. “I think I do not deserve that.” Turning to look into the camera, she said: “I would ask the president of the United States to give me a pardon.”

A private jet? Small wonder actual prison seems unthinkable if that’s the world one lives in…


1. CL - January 17, 2021

” Here they were, a coalition of the willing: deadbeat dads, YouPorn enthusiasts, slow students, and MMA fans. They had heard the rebel yell, packed up their Confederate flags and Trump banners, and GPS-ed their way to Washington. After a few wrong turns, they had pulled into the swamp with bellies full of beer and Sausage McMuffins, maybe a little high on Adderall, ready to get it done…
A man in a Viking helmet and the kind of face paint not often seen outside sporting venues held a sign reading hold the line patriots, which made you wonder if he was just a misguided New England fan…

This was not a group that had been robbed and diminished by radical feminism. And they proved it by defecating on the floors and tracking their own filth through the hallways…..
Some rioters left the building in the charged, happy way people exit the Dive Devil ride at Magic Mountain: single file, grinning, and not really sure what just happened. They cried out for beer, they pumped their fists in triumph, they went looking for Mom and money for curly fries…..
These people were dressed like cartoon characters, they believe that the country is under attack from pedophiles and “globalists,” and they are certain that Donald Trump won the election. In other words, the Founders’ worst fear—that a bunch of dumbasses would elect a tyrant—had come to pass.”

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Starkadder - January 18, 2021

The Tragedy of Chile 1973 repeats itself as the Farce of the USA 2021 ?

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WorldbyStorm - January 18, 2021

It is probably dangerous to minimise them, there were some hard core people in there (though as a friend of mine said the explosives were left on the outside), but surely the most useless group to ever try to mount an insurrection?

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