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Leaky January 21, 2021

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I wonder does this have damaging power? Reports in the IT that:

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar posted the new GP contract to head of rival doctor’s group Maitiú Ó Tuathail in 2019 when then minister for health Simon Harris was trying to obtain a copy, official records show. Mr Harris’s officials had warned that any leak of the document would endanger the agreement. Mr Varadkar apologised in the Dáil before Christmas for the leak, which happened in April 2019 when he was taoiseach.

My guess is that nothing much will be done – this government has a real feel of hanging together for fear of being hung separately.

I like the phrasing in the following:

Records released under the Freedom of Information Act to the Sinn Féin TD Pearse Doherty and seen by The Irish Times show increasingly urgent attempts by Mr Harris to obtain a copy of the draft agreement between the State and the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO). This was happening at the same time as Mr Varadkar had posted a copy to the home address of Dr Ó Tuathail, who was head of the now-defunct National Association of General Practitioners (NAGP).


1. tomasoflatharta - January 21, 2021

“Hanging together for fear of hanging separately” is a good summary. Another way of saying much the same thing is : FFFGGG is an extremely weak right-wing coalition government.

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2. Tomboktu - January 22, 2021

I wondered about SF’s tactic when I heard Pearse Doherty on the lunch time news.

I expect there is a benefit to trying at this time rather than later to damage Varadkar enough to prompt FG to dump him. It would mean the new party leader (one of the Simons?) would have long worn out any ‘new leader’ bump in popularity at an election (assuming the Government lasts), but it could backfire if they prove to be less caustic as party leader than Varadkar is.


3. Paul Moloney - January 23, 2021

I can’t see Simon C being any less caustic. FG strikes me as being a caustic party for caustic people. Simon H maybe but in my eyes he’s been a given a free pass because of some mythology around his heroic effort at the start of the pandemic. It’s always struck me that there’s something of the night about him to steal a quote from that Strictly Come Dancing legend.😉

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