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Speaking of the LOTR… January 24, 2021

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…as was mentioned yesterday. This, this is… so telling:

Donald Trump’s diehard supporters are often accused of living in fantasyland, but one court case recently launched to try to reinstall him as president has surprised even the most hardened observers of Trumpian strangeness by citing as evidence a mythological realm from The Lord of the Rings.

The case was launched in Texas, in the name of small conservative groups including Latinos for Trump and Blacks for Trump, and was filed by Paul Davis, an attorney who lost his job after posting Instagram videos of himself at the attack on the Capitol.

Along with the usual idiotic allegations of voter fraud there’s….this:

But – unusually for a legal strategy – the case cites as evidence to back up its pro-Trump claims the tragic fate of the kingdom of Gondor, one of the central realms of JRR Tolkien’s fantasy classic, whose exiled ruler, Aragorn, was played onscreen by Viggo Mortensen.

“Gondor has no king,” the lawsuit states, a footnote providing an explanation of the woeful fate of Tolkien’s entirely imaginary land populated by dragons, wizards, hobbits and elves, all threatened by a baleful Dark Lord backed up by an army of orcs and with famously little time for due democratic process.

The suit explains how Gondor’s throne was empty and its rightful kings in exile, presumably positing the idea that Trump is the true king of America – a land happily monarch-free since 1776.


“This analogy is applicable since there is now in Washington DC a group of individuals calling themselves the president, vice-president and Congress who have no rightful claim to govern the American people,” the case states.

It adds: “Since only the rightful king could sit on the throne of Gondor, a steward was appointed to manage Gondor until the return of the King, known as ‘Aragorn’, occurred at the end of the story.”

The lawsuit then suggests that America’s version of the stewards of Gondor should be selected from among – surprise, surprise – Trump’s cabinet members, who should run the country.

No disrespect to Tolkien, who deserves better than this, but these guys are idiots.


1. EWI - January 24, 2021

Have these guys actually read the books? The ones where Aragorn was just a claimant to the throne? (If it wasn’t for circumstances and the handy death of Denthor, A. would have been shown the door)

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WorldbyStorm - January 24, 2021

That’s a great point. The answer I think is probably not, and if we are delving into this of course Denethor was obstructing as best he could Aragorn’s claim, in a manner weirdly reminiscent of… Trump.


EWI - January 24, 2021

Very much so. And all this is foreshadowed by what happens when we encounter Denethor’s two sons, who with their words and actions around the Ring show us that we should be under no illusions as to their father’s philosophy on power (and notable that Boromir is very subdued on recognising Aragorn’s claim up until the time of his death).


WorldbyStorm - January 24, 2021

Subdued indeed, and at times he isn’t shy in dismissing it. And as you say only at the end does he really acknowledge it.

We should file a counter suit! We know the LOTR a lot better than those nit-wits.


WorldbyStorm - January 24, 2021

Funnily enough I always liked Faramir a lot better as a character though again as you say, he too had some of his father’s attitude even if they were in opposition on some levels.


2. NFB - January 24, 2021

This sounds like a wind-up, but I suppose in the grander scheme of things in the States isn’t that unusual!

Might be a good time to point out Tolkien’s, ahem, distaste for fascism.

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Klassenkampf Treehugger - January 24, 2021

But Gondor was ethnically all white, if I recall the films rightly. And at least the Uruk-Hai (sp?) were all black.

Not to mention the swarthy ‘Southrons’.

Not to mention Tolkein’s clear identification with the Germanic urvolky Rohirim. (also sp? – it’s been a few decades since I read the books).


WorldbyStorm - January 24, 2021

Conservative and a Catholic he actually did loathe fascism and apartheid. In the books the visualisations are a bit different – sallow rather than black in the main but… I think of him like Arthur Rackham, a man of his time with some of the unconscious inflections of the broader societal mix.


3. gypsybhoy69 - January 25, 2021

Wasn’t one of the Ents was called Finglas. I thought that amazing at the time as I thought there was only one Finglas. Many years later I remember being equally amazed seeing a sign for the River Finglas just before you got to Camp on the Dingle Peninsula.

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WorldbyStorm - January 25, 2021

Yeah, there was an Ent called Finglas.


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