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Getting there… but… January 26, 2021

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

Great to see Alan Kelly of the ILP adding his voice to the growing chorus to the idea of a ‘national aggressive suppression strategy’. And he’s likely not wrong that the Leaving Cert may well be cancelled. 

Mr Kelly said there has been a “failure of politics throughout this whole pandemic” and that the country cannot be moving in and out of different levels of restrictions. He said mistakes were made by Government and the Opposition back in December. “When it got to the point of early December we didn’t stick with levels of lockdown. It was the wrong choice made by absolutely everyone.

Just one thought. Not “absolutely everyone” did make that choice. The political left in the Dáil for one group – that being PBP/SP and so on sought a Zero-Covid strategy from the off. 


1. Klassenkampf Treehugger - January 26, 2021

Yes kudos to SBP / SP for pushing such a strategy from the off.

But ZeroCovid needs to be at least EU-wide or ideally Europe-wide.

RoI has a particular problem as part of a partitioned island, part of which is ruled by a government more concerned with feathering the nests of Tory donors and PR than effectively tackling the virus. I can’t ever imagine the Tories going for a Zero Covid strategy.


2. Roger Cole - January 26, 2021

The exact opposite to what he has said for some time now.


dublinstick - January 26, 2021

I just don’t think it has to be EU wide. We are in a different category of all other countries, we live on an island in the Atlantic with a land border with a non-EU country which can be controlled to an extend if any will put to it, it’s a well surveyed border due to its history so every route is known if not closeable, it just has to be done the excuses are just the result of failed politics controlled by vested interests which do not coincide with the public interest.


3. Francis Donohoe (@FDonohoe) - January 26, 2021

“RoI has a particular problem as part of a partitioned island, part of which is ruled by a government more concerned with feathering the nests of Tory donors and PR than effectively tackling the virus. I can’t ever imagine the Tories going for a Zero Covid strategy.”

Just nope, NI society as a whole has taken a rather lax approach to the whole thing, non-compliance is very high in the nationalist community because, well a sector still just doesn’t accept the legitimacy of the State, which is fair enough. I also get just a much higher tolerance of severe outcomes from many people I know in the North, a certain fatalism which is not surprising concerning what that society went through.Several in the DUP have been a disgrace but I don’t see that they have had much impact on public health policy. The biggest problem for a zero Covid strategy south of the border is not the border or the North, their handy excuses, its the lack of political will to do it from the conservative parties for economic political reasons and SF for national vision political issues – ask the NI Executive will they come on board, if not just implement as tight controls as possible on the border – don’t be fooled that they can’t be done, and I think the North would follow soon enough – the excuses to doing this is just more FF/FG look over there rather than their links with hospitality, aircraft leasing and all other profit before people interests.

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4. gregtimo - January 26, 2021

While I agree with PBP/Sol+ on aiming for a Zero Covid strategy , the problem is the implied increased Policing is contrary to PBP’s longtime anti police rhetoric (and further cracks not surprisingly showing online recently). And it would be nice if a more rational Gramsci-ist influenced Left were to eventually emerge from this crisis as with US DSA, Die Linke, Podemos+ , the Middle Left part of UK Labour, the Latin American Left on the whole and so on .
As Vietnam with a very long border (including with Khmer, long said to be a corrupt shambles) has been able to implement Zero-Covid with aggressive contact tracing and i imagine a lot of policing/informing as in China , then it is in theory possible even here. The problem is our corrupt Gardai and underfunded services, such as the dysfunctional mental health service are a handicap. But where’s there’s a will, there’s a way , especially when there are future epidemics to be expected with the continuing Climate Crisis , we’d best get started now

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5. irishelectionliterature - January 26, 2021

I presume part of the Governments reluctance is that they couldn’t be arsed, another being that when the construction sector reopens (and schools reopen) we’ll have quite a few workers who went home for Christmas returning then.
Regardless if it will work or not there’s the fairness element of it. I can’t go beyond 5km to see my family, yet there are flights coming in from Malaga, Lanzarote, Dubai etc daily. Fuck any holidaymakers and make them pay for a fortnights quarantine, if their selfish enough to go off on holidays, they sure aren’t going to quarantine properly when they get home.
Not just that but the lax regime we currently have means that a new variant will be here before we know about it.

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WorldbyStorm - January 26, 2021

I was astounded to see it waved away today by the govt as ‘some people coming back went on holiday for Christmas’. Fer Christ’s sake, it’s almost Feb.

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6. alanmyler - January 26, 2021

The palaver about quarantining people on flights from Brazil and South Africa had me confused. I read somewhere that there are no direct flights to Ireland from either Brazil or South Africa, so I checked that out using the skyscanner website and it appears to be true, so what the fuck was that bit of political spin all about? And why didn’t any journalist check to see if there actually were any such flights? It really makes me wonder what the government is trying to divert our attention from in relation to the pandemic when they push shite like this into the narrative?

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irishelectionliterature - January 26, 2021

Hard to know as I’m talking with few enough people but it appears to me that the public are in favour of mandatory quarantine for everyone coming in. It along with the schools being closed (and Norma Foley being Happy to have teachers or members of their extended families die) are issues that will lose the Government support.
Mary Lou has come across quite well on all this. She comes across as human… something that seems to have deserted a lot of the Government.

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