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Stupid beyond comprehension… January 28, 2021

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This from the Guardian yesterday evening, reports of…

Lives are being put at risk and the care of patients disrupted by a spate of hospital incursions from Covid-19 deniers whose online activity is channelling hatred against NHS staff, say healthcare and police chiefs. In the latest example of a growing trend, a group of people were ejected by security from a Covid-19 ward last week as one of them filmed staff, claimed that the virus was a hoax and demanded that a seriously ill patient be sent home “He will die if he is taken from from here,” a consultant tells the man on footage, which was later shared on social media. Following contact by the Guardian, Facebook took down footage and other shocking posts in which conspiracy theorists described NHS staff as “ventilator killers”.

These people are incredibly dangerous and it really is time they were treated as such. And social media platforms who allow video to posted up by those people should be sanctioned too. This is a workers rights issue as much as it is a public health issue.

The Doctors’ Association UK (DAUK), a union representing frontline medics, said it was unacceptable that staff working themselves into the ground to keep patients safe were having to worry about a new threat from Covid deniers and anti-maskers. It said Twitter and Facebook had a responsibility to ensure those breaking into hospitals to film footage were not given a platform. “Staff are exhausted and are running on fumes. They should not be having to deal with abuse and even death threats on social media,” said Dr Samantha Batt-Rawden, the president of the DAUK. “Nor should they be worried about turning up for their shift due to crowds of people chanting ‘Covid is a hoax’ outside hospitals full of patients who are sick and dying. This is decimating morale, but worse still, could be obstructing patient care.”

Mentioned the Anti Virus FAQ the other day. Here it is. As noted in comments, a very good resource and particularly good at pointing up the soft denialists in the media and elsewhere whose expedient scepticism is giving space to the sorts of activities seen above.


1. Klassenkampf Treehugger - January 28, 2021

Death cults.


WorldbyStorm - January 28, 2021

+1 Functionally they are.


2. NFB - January 28, 2021

Clicked onto that FAQ on the foot of something said in aniother comment threat. Jesus Christ:

“4) The Public Health England finding is flawed. Public Health England (PHE) published a report in August 2020 finding that “0.01% of pre-schools and primary schools had an outbreak, all of which were successfully contained and 70 children and 128 staff were affected”. As Deepti Gurdasani notes, the “study was based on symptom-based testing & carried out when only 7% of children were attending schools”; it may thus have missed asymptomatic infections and would have been at a time when schools were not as likely to be vectors of transmission in any event. See the rest of Gurdasani’s thread for critiques of other, similar findings.”

That’s a sackable misrepresentation in a perfect world.

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WorldbyStorm - January 28, 2021

If this is the ‘science’ they’re using… 😦


3. deiseach - January 28, 2021

Stupid? Nasty, more like.

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WorldbyStorm - January 28, 2021

Very true.


4. sonofstan - January 29, 2021

Kinda fits here: two lads in Leeds fined £10k each for organising a snowball fight lasting two hours and involving, according to West Yorks. police, 200 people, on Woodhouse Moor (which, despite the name, is an urban park, close to the university)


banjoagbeanjoe - January 29, 2021

It looked like great fun. I was in one in Belfield in 1978ish. I came down with an awful flu for a week after. But it was great fun. Very uplifting.
So I’m making the case for these two lads and the other 200. This snowball fight was good for their mental health. The benefits to their mental health cancelled out the Covid danger which was small enough given they were outdoors in the fresh air.

I presume they’ll appeal but if those fines stay that high for them, I hope someone will do a crowdfund to cover them.


yourcousin - January 29, 2021

You’re a big softy. If you’d like, you could adopt me and send me money as a wayward soul lost out in the wilds of America. I’m not “young” anymore, but relatively speaking I’m cheap investment as I can already afford my own mortgage, and don’t have a truck payment. My version of a wild weekend is just having a six pack and taking a nap.

Whaddya say pap?

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banjoagbeanjoe - January 29, 2021

It all sounds great except for the ‘send me money’ line, yc. Tell you what, I will adopt you … if you send me money.

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sonofstan - January 29, 2021

@Joe – I be a little bit sympathetic also: the cops were reacting to SM outrage on this, and going for low hanging fruit. And surely some of the 200+ people there are culpable if the lads who ‘organised’ it are? (it’s hardly high level event management is it?)


5. yourcousin - January 29, 2021

Pretty sure the Celtic Tiger took care of the need for remittances, but we’ll see what we can work out…😉

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