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UFO’s, 7ft telepathic aliens… now that’s more like it! January 31, 2021

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Only a while back we were discussing how UFO sightings seem to have diminished radically in an age of smartphones and ubiquitous cameras. But not completely gone, and thanks to Joe Mooney for forwarding the link to this for the Star – a report on how a ‘shaggy haired warehouse worker’ saw “an “evil” seven-foot tall telepathic alien mantis and drawn a picture of the bizarre creature for the Daily Star”.

Not only a drawing, but also photographs of an orange glowing object he saw before the encounter with the mantis. Now that’s the way to do it.

Frustratingly the report ends like this – as he details meeting the alien mantis:

“I felt like it could read my mind and I could read its mind,. “My fear was replaced with completely alien thoughts of utter hatred and evil I felt projected from this thing. “I suddenly snapped out of this hypnotic kind of state and it made a step back as if it was gonna pounce on me.”

And then? What happened next? How did he get away from a creature with telepathy, a glowing aerospace craft and perhaps, just perhaps, an ability to leap huge distances?

Mantis aliens are apparently a thing in the UFO community.


1. An Sionnach Fionn - January 31, 2021

An ability to leap huge distances? An alien Spring-heeled Jack? Now that’s what we miss. A bit of (relatively) harmless mystery in the world instead of people having to invent conspiracy theories to replace it. Or find evangelical religion 😉

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WorldbyStorm - January 31, 2021



2. yourcousin - February 1, 2021

We’re bringing it back into the zeitgeist, watch the Twitter feeds. 😉

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