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Music fan February 20, 2021

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

A piece in the Guardian on dark Nordic folk had the following comment under it…which I kind of liked in a way…

ehywhat This music is fun and I like it but its fantasy stuff. The actual real living tradition Scandinavian folk music involves the nykelharpa, the hardanger fiddle, etc the complex dance rhythms and steps etc. It doesn’t need to be made up or ‘rediscovered’ – its already there and going strong.


1. Michael Carley - February 20, 2021

Reminiscent of the odd piece about bands which are saving the Irish folk tradition.

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WorldbyStorm - February 20, 2021

This reminds me too of attitudes to Horslips among some traditional music fans I know who hated them, completely and utterly. Saw them as being almost corrupters of traditions.


alanmyler - February 20, 2021

Would that include Joe? I really like Horslips, got into them initially through The Man Who Built America but now my favorite album of theirs is Drive the Cold Winter Away, so enter via rock and arrive at trad. Traditions evolve, one can’t be purist about it, it’s like trying to hold back the waves.


WorldbyStorm - February 20, 2021

Actually not Joe! Someone say close to twenty years older


WorldbyStorm - February 20, 2021

I love them all, more rock and more trad, a great band


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