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Not a fan! But is anyone? February 22, 2021

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Jason O’Toole had a piece at the weekend on Bertie Ahern’s possible run for the Presidency. And in the course of reading the piece one will see that there’s no end of lines of attack on the former Taoiseach across a range of areas. But this raises a question. Would Ahern even bother? Surely he can see the problems that would arise were he to go for the position. And there’s a broader question too, Fianna Fáil is, I think it fair to say, much much reduced from when he was leader. But part of the problem is that the reason for that reduction in support is directly linked to his stewardship of the economy, at least in part. So while some might yearn for the halcyon 2000s, others will think his name inextricably tied up with everything that went wrong. And this before we get to other matters.

So, what would be the support base for any tilt by him for that office? Fianna Fáil? Well they’re already in trouble. Nostalgic former FF voters? Seems implausible.

And perhaps the truth is that time has moved on too. But this raises a further question as to who could command sufficient support to win the election. At this point the names being bandied about seem unlikely victors. As we get closer that may change. The office has always been a magnet for certain forms of political activity and personalities and invested with meanings that sometimes have appeared disproportionate to the reality of what it entails.


1. Tomboktu - February 22, 2021

I suppose the question may not so much be who will win as who won’t lose the presidential election.


2. EWI - February 22, 2021

How about Martin Mansergh? Might get lucky depending on who/what he faces. “A sure pair of hands to continue Miggledee’s work”


rockroots - February 23, 2021

Actually, he would tick a lot of boxes, from FF’s perspective. Maybe not the greatest orator, but how essential is that?


CL - February 23, 2021


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