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Ask a leading question… February 26, 2021

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Even by the IT’s recent standards the question posed in their survey of public opinion on the pandemic, indeed many of the questions, is framed in a telling way. As noted by PC here… Even first-year marketing students are told not to put leading questions in their surveys:

Since when has that been defined as ‘Living with Covid’?

Of course the IT then downplays the actual caution expressed in the survey as a whole.

Just 15 per cent of respondents favour an immediate reopening of “all non-essential retail and services” while only 6 per cent favour the reopening of pubs and restaurants. There is majority support for retail to be reopened before the summer, with 55 per cent in favour, but the desire for pubs and restaurants to reopen is much weaker, with just 33 per cent saying they should open their doors before the summer.


On travel and home visits, respondents are cautious, with most favouring reopening before summer rather than immediately.


On allowing people to travel outside their own county, 24 per cent said this should be implemented immediately, with 50 per cent preferring before the summer.


On allowing people to visit each other’s homes, the numbers are similar – 18 per cent favour an immediate reopening, 58 per cent before the summer.

And given the Summer isn’t for many months this underscores just how useless questions like the one at the top of the post are in terms of gauging actual public opinion. Still, we can expect that finding to be dragged out ad nauseam by IT adjacent commentators in the weeks and months ahead.


1. EWI - February 26, 2021

This is desperate stuff by the FFG member wing of the IT. How many people have died for the last occasion that the IT yappers knowingly misled their readers and the public in advocating against lockdown?

Makes you wistful for the days they were just restraining themselves to honouring the Black & Tans and Auxiliaries.


WorldbyStorm - February 26, 2021

And to add to that it’s brought into sharp relief their framing of a range of topics including the one you mention across time.


2. Klassenkampf Treehugger - February 26, 2021

Ghastly neolib unionist rag.

Perhaps they have Fox and Murdoch news envy, in terms of how many Covid deaths they have contributed to.

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3. Mick 2 - February 26, 2021

That was today’s print edition front-page headline. I couldn’t believe the gall when I saw it, but then again the IT is toilet paper, so I don’t know why I was surprised…


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