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The world of work, the world of workers… February 26, 2021

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This from earlier in the month in the Guardian, a report on how in the UK…

Employers are putting workers at risk and increasing Covid infection rates in communities, unions have said, as research found that as many as one in five people have been going into their workplace unnecessarily.

The alarming findings came as the government’s outgoing employment adviser, Matthew Taylor, said employers breaking Covid rules should be named, shamed and fined.

Polling conducted by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) found that many people were coming under undue pressure from their employer to work from offices when they could work from home.


“No one should be forced into the office or another workplace if they can do their job from home. Bad bosses are needlessly putting workers at risk and increasing transmission in local communities,” said the TUC’s general secretary, Frances O’Grady.

Incredibly not one company has been fined in the UK for breach of lockdown rules. And O’Grady argues that “It’s time to end the foot-dragging approach to enforcement that has characterised workplace safety in this pandemic…”


The research, commissioned by the TUC, conducted by YouGov and shared exclusively with the Guardian, suggested 19% of all those still working were going into offices or other workplaces for part or all of their working week despite them being able to do the job from home.

According to polling of nearly 1,000 employees, pressure from bosses was the principal reason many people who could work remotely were still having to go in, with about 40% falling into that category. A little more than a quarter said they preferred being in the workplace.

I can understand that last too. But at a point where the situation remains fragile, to put it mildly, it seems wilfully reckless to allow these sort of behaviours continue. And what indeed of the situation on this island? Mentioned before, from anecdotal evidence there’s no end of employers who have been equally reckless though interestingly in the main (for what it’s worth) I’m hearing much more positive reports in the last month or so. Do others have a similar sense of things?


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