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Elections Scotland March 2, 2021

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Thanks to JH for the following link, to news from Scotland about the forthcoming parliamentary elections.

The next Scottish Parliament election will take place in May as planned but the final result could take days to reveal.

Ballots will not be counted overnight as normal but will instead be tallied during office hours on the Friday and Saturday – meaning the final result could be announced 48 hours after polling places close at 10 pm on May 6.

Traditional door-to-door canvassing will be permitted on a limited scale from April 5 but only if covid cases are low enough.


As with the US election in November, postal vote requests are expected to rise exponentially due to the pandemic, leading Mr Dey to say counting could continue until May 8.

“In relation to the count, it seems inevitable that the results of the election will take longer to arrive,” he said.

Currently the state of the parties is polled as follows on wiki.


1. benmadigan - March 3, 2021

we should know in the next few days whether Nicola Sturgeon will continue to lead the SNP and if she does whether the Scots will continue to vote for her and her party


WorldbyStorm - March 3, 2021

That’s the other angle on this. Every day brings a new twist. I guess the question is how much momentum the SNP has with or without her


Klassenkampf Treehugger - March 3, 2021

I haven’t the time to follow the Salmond drama. Is it likely to damage the SNP’s prospects? Very convenient timing, if so.

BTW I didn’t realise that 60% of the MSPs are elected through a first past the post system.


benmadigan - March 3, 2021

AFAIK there is a split although the Scots are saying Yes for Independence is greater than either or both of them and the SNP. I think there’s a risk of voters not turning out on the day if Sturgeon remains in power as many don’t like her lack of action to date on Independence, her proposed gender reform and hate bills


Colm B - March 3, 2021

I think it might reduce the SNP vote a bit and maybe effect turnout but don’t think it will help the unionist parties. Think it will strengthen the Greens as alternative pro-indy party, with 10+ seats.
The Salmondistas are very loud within the Indy movement but they have little popular support and their attempts to form a party or electoral challenge have fallen flat.


Bagatelle's Unseemly Target - March 3, 2021

Jaded, cynical, wankery, gobshite that I am I’, gasping to know which of them is now the MI5 plant?


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