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Fireball March 7, 2021

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Earlier this week those who looked at the skies on Sunday night/Monday morning would have seen this…

Thousands of people across the country reported that they had seen a slow-moving meteor fireball on Sunday evening. The meteor colliding with Earth’s atmosphere created light and heat, as well as a loud boom or rumbling noise that was heard as far away as Ireland and the Netherlands.

I hadn’t realised that the sound of it reverberated so far. Quite something.

The meteor that fell into the Earth’s atmosphere likely began as an asteroid, out between Mars and Jupiter, but pieces of it could now be found in Cheltenham, according to researchers.


The public has been advised to be careful around any pieces of asteroid that are discovered.

“If you do find a meteorite on the ground, ideally photograph it in place, note the location using your phone GPS, don’t touch it with a magnet, and, if you can, avoid touching it with your hands,” said Katherine Joy from the University of Manchester. “Pick it up in a clean bag or clean aluminium foil if possible!”

The UK Fireball Alliance, or UKFAll, asked people not to breach coronavirus lockdowns to search for pieces.

The UK Fireball Alliance have a very interesting site here.


1. gypsybhoy69 - March 9, 2021

I thought this was going to be a thread on an ex General Secretary of the WP. 🤣

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banjoagbeanjoe - March 9, 2021

Ya beat me to it bhoy.


Colm B - March 9, 2021

At risk of derailing WBS’s thread completely ( he does like matters astral eh?) that would be an interesting topic; WP nicknames.
There was the Divil of course but I remember someone who went by the moniker Rin Tin Tin!

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gypsybhoy69 - March 9, 2021

Some things belong to the pub only, Colm. 🤣

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WorldbyStorm - March 9, 2021

Astronomy, and some aspects of the ‘paranormal’ which I don’t actually believe to be real but enjoy reading about like UFO’s!

Nicknames, uh-oh. 🙂


Colm B - March 9, 2021

Ok better stop it…let’s return to meteorites, far safer!


Daniel Rayner O'Connor - March 10, 2021

Probably right, but I can’t resist recalling how Butch Roche told me that one night, fuelled with spirituous liqueurs, he and some friends walked deliberately twice around the Black Church, only to be taken aback when Dessie O’Hagan appeared.

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Colm B - March 10, 2021



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