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Sunday and other Media Stupid Statements from this week… March 7, 2021

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In the IT during the week Mark FitzGerald, former trustee of FG and chair of Sherry FitzGerald wrote:

Access to politicians is one of the great tenets of our democracy. It is something that we should cherish and protect. It keeps the politician connected with the real world and the citizen connected with democracy. The issue we face, with the coarseness of online and often anonymous commentary, together with a culture of attrition in our parliament, is not unique to Ireland, but it is a deeply unpleasant trend. The problem is two-fold – the erosion of civility in public life and the unleashing of vitriol on social media.

A culture of attrition in our parliament? To his credit he recalls how his own father charged Charles Haughey with a ‘flawed pedigree’, but the idea that the parliamentary discourse is worse today than it was ten, fifteen years ago seems a stretch.

Finn Redmond in the IT offers the following while musing critically about the ‘woke’ and ‘cancel culture’ from a weekly column in a national newspaper:

Faced with great pressure, governments are behaving in unexpected ways. Right-wing parties are expanding the state; and in liberal democracies police are granted greater power than ever before. Maybe this is due to unique circumstance, and we should expect a reversal as the pandemic draws to a close. Or maybe we are looking at longer-term societal shifts that will persist far beyond the demise of Covid-19. Hopefully the emphasis on community over the individual will be here to stay too.

Just maybe this is due to ‘unique circumstances’?

While a former Minister for Justice and current Senator likes the phrase FF mudguard to SF they use it twice in a column in the IT:

 But on these figures FF would be the minority mudguard in any SF-led government.


If, as seems to be the case, every alternative leader is open to Sinn Féin coalition, the real problem will lie in convincing the electorate that FF is not a mere political mudguard-in-waiting for a coalition led by Mary Lou McDonald.

And continues with these observations:

While we know that Solidarity-People Before Profit is in substance a Leninist Trotskyist Marxist party which, while curiously condemning Sinn Féin as a “pro-capitalist, sectarian” party, seeks to hide its true complexion from voters, it isn’t clear whether there is a whisker of difference between Labour and the Social Democrats, or between Labour, the Social Democrats and the Greens in terms of broad ideological outlook.

All other contributions welcome!


1. EWI - March 7, 2021

The problem is two-fold – the erosion of civility in public life and the unleashing of vitriol on social media.

Twitter and Facebook have been the most revolutionary force in Irish politics in the past seventy years (for both good and bad).

The idea that there are public spaces where the usual gatekeepers – the Guards and the corporate media – can no longer be relied on to keep the public in their place absolutely drives the whole crony-capitalist enterprise to distraction. The Irish Times’ current campaign of demanding direct funding by the State as well as online censorship shows how rattled the whole edifice is.

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2. EWI - March 7, 2021

I could add the concern-trolling about ‘Ireland’s role in Empire’ by the Irish Times over the past couple of weeks (with the Observer now getting in on the gig), as an lesson in how to leave the unwary reader with an entirely misleading impression of what actually happened.

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3. Tomboktu - March 7, 2021

RTÉ has a feature article on its website about the dissent in the Green Party, primarily over CETA. The dominant view quoted in it is critical of the opponents of CETA.

One thing I noticed is that the Green Party members who are critical of the opponents of CETA and spoke to the journalist are all anonymous while its supporters are named.


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4. Paul Culloty - March 13, 2021


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