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Scottish Parliament electoral system April 5, 2021

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Thanks to JH for forwarding this document available here which is a fact sheet on the electoral system used by the Scottish Parliament.

As it notes:

 This fact sheet provides an overview of the electoral system used to elect Members of the Scottish Parliament. It includes an explanation of how the regional seats are allocated. 

Speaking of which, this from the Guardian is intriguing – discussing Alex Salmond’s curious new political vehicle, the Alba party (and by the by, the meal made by the media about its pronunciation is tiresome, isn’t it?) of which there was mention in comments over the weekend.

If Salmond’s ambition is to bolster his ego, the early evidence is that he could be in for disappointment. The first opinion poll to include the Alba party, published by my newspaper the Courier on Thursday, predicts the party will get no seats in next month’s Scottish parliament elections. Even more worryingly for Salmond, his net favourability rating is a dreadful -61, making him significantly more unpopular with Scots than even Johnson (-32).


Those numbers seem to have dented his self-confidence. Consider the national statesman who took Scotland to within 200,000 votes of independence in 2014 and compare him with the diminished figure who presided over Alba’s blunder-filled campaign launch last weekend, then unveiled a string of candidates with track records of dodgy remarks or offensive social media posts.

It is depressing see the manner in which ‘culture wars’ are an element of all this, fuelling some in Alba. Depressing but all too predictable one has to think.

While the schism in Scottish nationalism has largely been framed as a personal feud between Salmond and Sturgeon, bitter arguments familiar from culture wars in other parts of the world have also played a part. An influx of new members after the 2014 referendum made the SNP one of the largest mass-membership political parties in Europe – but the unexpected deluge introduced thousands of young, diverse and politically progressive members into a party that had largely been the preserve of white, middle-aged men.

That point about largest mass-membership is fascinating and speaks of significant changes more broadly. Think ASF sums it up neatly here – that the stated intention of Alba to increase the nationalist vote doesn’t sit well with the lack of any effort to build some sort of unity before hand as well as the shambolic and in places bizarre aspects of its roll-out.


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