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Expert opinion? April 7, 2021

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Entertaining to see a familiar voice emerge last week yet again from the political wilderness that is FF and offer opinion about the pandemic. Marc MacSharry had his fire trained on the government, on everyone.

The Government’s proposed timescale for the easing of Covid-19 restrictions has been criticised as lacking ambition by a Fianna Fáil backbench TD.


“It’s ‘live horse and get grass’  and ‘things will get better’ and ‘in about two years time we can all look forward to eating al fresco, two people per acre while it is raining,” he said.

Mr MacSharry added that there is still no one in charge of the vaccine roll-out. “Once there is plausible deniability, everyone gets blamed,” he said.

And in a way he was right, given he then laid into his own FF Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly.

But if none of the above makes any coherent sense – well perhaps that’s a feature, not a glitch, because the purpose of the exercise isn’t to offer an alternative (MacSharry tried that two or three times before – only to see the virus itself show up the vacuousness of his opinions). There’s a lot of that about.


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