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Scotland partitioned? April 7, 2021

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Thanks to JH for the link to the following:

Parts of Scotland should be able to vote to remain in the United Kingdom after a pro-independence referendum in a follow-up vote, George Galloway has declared.

The plan for a second vote that would allow regions of Scotland to reverse a pro-independence majority are part of the former Labour MP’s manifesto for his pro-UK All for Unity party in the Holyrood elections.

Galloway said the proposal allowing for the effective partition of Scotland would mean “the country would be eating itself” after a vote for independence.


He added: “It’s not my view, I wouldn’t wish it to happen, but it would be an extraordinary irony if the break up of Britain gave birth to forces which then began to break up Scotland. The country would be eating itself.”



1. NFB - April 7, 2021

Yes, what would we call it? A divide vote? A frontier hustings? A boundary ballot?

Nasty little gurrier is Galloway. He’s never gotten over how he stopped being the next big thing in British politics.

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WorldbyStorm - April 7, 2021

It’s so blatantly a spoiler to independence. Really something else.


EWI - April 7, 2021

Nasty little gurrier is Galloway.

An utter scoundrel, through and through. Nothing would surprise me with this creature.


2. An Sionnach Fionn - April 7, 2021

Ex-UUP politician and social media provocateur John Taylor proposed a partition of Scotland back in 2012. Some unionists and Tories seized on the idea during the independence referendum. Trust Galloway to raise that nonsense again. He’s like a pseudo-left-wing Eoghan Harris! 🤓

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WorldbyStorm - April 7, 2021

John Taylor. Well, that says it all.

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3. Colm B - April 7, 2021

Yes expect all sorts of red herrings like this as the prospect of a Yes victory looms. There is a growing realisation amongst unionists that they wont be able to just keep refusing a referendum so the two fall back position will be:

1. To spike the actual referendum to ensure that Yes cant win by measures such as: having three options on the ballot, giving the vote to all Scots-born resident in UK, having a 50% of registered voters threshold, insisting on second ratification referendum etc. etc.

2. Disrupting the emergence of an independent Scotland if a Yes vote wins by encouraging partition/secession of Borders,Orkney, Shetland etc encouraging loyalist violence etc.

Don’t rule out anything, whats at stake is the very existence of the British state – its ruling class will not let go easily, no more than they did/will do in Ireland.

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WorldbyStorm - April 7, 2021



4. Paul Culloty - April 7, 2021

Looking at the constituency polling maps published by Ballot Box Scotland, the SNP could even win the two Dumfries and Galloway constituencies regarded as the Tory heartland, with only the Borders remaining completely immune to their reach, along with Orkney and Shetland, of course, with crown dependency status an option for the islands.


5. Francis Donohoe (@FDonohoe) - April 8, 2021

As Colm B says I think we’re now entering the end game where Scottish independence is becoming a reality. For me Galloway has on balance had more positives in his political career than minuses, his performance putting it up to the US senate (IIRC) over their imperial war in Iraq was one of the greatest political performances ever. He is a very flawed character, all the way back to dodgy money from Labour Clubs at the beginning of his career in Dundee, which also saw him raise the Palestinian flag of the city hall (the first such gesture IIRC of any city in the UK). Scottish hard core unionism, for want of a better term, needs some form of political expression and if a Catholic background, Celtic supporter, one time leftwing firebrand is to be its leading proponent I think that is better than the more ‘traditional’ forms it could have taken. A Scottish Parliament will benefit from Salmond and Galloway being in it even if many of their views will not be to our liking.


wesferry - April 8, 2021

“A Scottish Parliament will benefit from Salmond and Galloway being in it even if many of their views will not be to our liking.”

Galloway’s increasingly eccentric Union Jack unionism and his ego will contribute little to the Scottish Parliament other than his unquestionably clever oratory. He would be a mischief maker. Little more.


6. Roger Cole - April 8, 2021

Galloway is now a very strong supporter of the British Imperialist state, so while he was a strong opponent of its imperial war on Iraq 20 years ago, he has clearly changed with age. Probably looking for a place in the House of Lords.

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7. Jim Monaghan - April 8, 2021
WorldbyStorm - April 8, 2021

One of the interesting aspects of that is that independence within the EU actually has a dual effect – one it allows for a national polity but also allows for some of the traditional badges of one, borders and similar controls, to be done away with. It’s quite something really and in the long term may have profound effects.


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