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Classics of their kind… April 9, 2021

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Before getting to the topic above, interesting to see a degree of pushback from the Minister for Health on the articles about transmission of the virus in the outdoors.

The Minister also warned that the figure of only one Covid case of transmission per 1,000 was transmitted outdoors had to be looked at carefully as it did not include transmission in dressing rooms etc.

Nphet produced a lot of information, he said, they looked at cluster profiles, outbreak types and he believed they would broadly be in agreement that outdoors was better than indoors.

Can’t say I’m a huge fan of the Minister but sensible to be cautious at this point.

Meanwhile, the IT outdid itself here. A piece entitled ‘Lockdown quandary: We must commit to keeping schools open this time’ with the subhead of ‘Closures resulted in children suffering from depression, hunger and even violence’ which when one reads it says almost exactly the opposite, stating explicitly half way through ‘Yet, when it comes to focusing on children, the answer may not be “keep schools open, come what may”.’ And goes on to point to the fact children are not immune to the virus and neither are parents. Indeed the overall thrust is that to ensure schools are safe broader reopening should be put on the back-burner until there are sufficient people vaccinated.

Then there’s this article at the weekend in the IT entitled ‘Visitors head west for Easter despite lockdown’. Quite a piece it was. Here’s some quotes:

More than most parts of the island, the western seaboard relies on visitors to boost local economies. In many instances, visiting families have established deep roots where they holiday, sometimes over many years and through several generations.

Which is why Covid makes visiting under current conditions all so difficult, not to say against the regulations. No one wants to give the cold shoulder and no one wants to turn away business. Equally, however, no one wants to see a life-threatening virus inflicted on their community.

While people are anxious about Covid being brought into the community (and the word locally is there have been no cases for about a month), he has more concerns about visitors from overseas.

He says there would be mixed feelings locally at the prospect of a major influx of visitors – which, in any event, is against regulations as they exist.

This time last year, visitors would not have been welcomed into the area, he says. Now, however, “there’s a level of fed-upness” and some visiting will be tolerated, he says.

During the post-Christmas surge, some 30 people on the island contracted Covid. Louisburgh itself has not been hit badly but it has had casualties. Local undertaker Peter Sweeney estimates about four cases in the first half of 2019, with the same again over the summer and seven or eight cases before Christmas. “It was all brought in,” he suggests. “One was a trip to Belmullet [in the north of the county] and another I know was from a trip to the North.” He adds: “We’ve had no Covid cases since Christmas and we’d want to keep it that way. We don’t have a problem with people coming in… if they play by the rules.”

Some mix of things in there – from the sort of muffled references to ‘against regulations’ on to some of the attitudes expressed. Btw for quite a lot of people in this society the mention of holiday homes owned by some of the ‘visitors’ must be all but fantastical.


1. EWI - April 9, 2021

The IT is correctly identified as the local paper for D4.

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WorldbyStorm - April 9, 2021

As someone said to me yesterday – there’s a cohort for who the pandemic is a terrible inconvenience and why can’t those workers just go back to doing what they always do in supply products and more particularly services that they want?


crocodileshoes - April 9, 2021

Brenda Power is on radio right now saying as much.


WorldbyStorm - April 9, 2021

In the sense that she is saying that cohort is problematic?


2. crocodileshoes - April 9, 2021

Brenda Power is on radio right now saying as much.


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