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Radiators… April 9, 2021

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This evening there’s an interview with Pete Holiday and Steve Rapid (Averill) of the The Radiators From Space amdn DJ Karl Tsigdinos online – details of which can be found on the band’s social media feeds, the Facebook/Instragram pages of Virtus Promotions ( a new promotion company of the students at Ballyfermot College of Further Education ), all this as part of a reissue of the band’s materials.

Jason O’Toole also has an interview with Holidai and Rapid in the Mirror and notes:

The Radiators have enjoyed a strong relationship with Bono and (Electric) co ever since their founding member Steve Averill, aka Stephen Rapid, came up with the name U2. 

“Yes, for my sins,” quipped Stephen, who also just happened to design many of U2’s most iconic album covers. 

“I’ve been asked a few times to come up with names for bands.” 

Steve – who alongside Pete will participate in a live Q&A session on Zoom tonight to celebrate their first album TV Tube Heart being reissued on 10” yellow vinyl – found inspiration for his own band’s name when flicking through a brochure for radiators. 

Pete recalled: “I think we’d change our name every week. Roxette was one! Thank God we didn’t keep Roxette is all I can say.

They fondly remember Phil Chevron…and it’s amazing how intricately linked they were to the developments happening in the UK during this period:

Philip arrived for his audition on a Honda 50, which is reminiscent of Joe The Lips character from The Commitments turning up on a motorbike at Jimmy Rabbitte’s home. 

“He was on the Honda, because he was a messenger and he decided, ‘I’m just popping out of the office for a little while’,” Pete said.

Steve added: “Philip was one of the only people we’d ever met who’d seen The Sex Pistols in the 100 Club. 

“So he knew the areas we were heading for. Now, punk wasn’t a big word. Nobody knew what punk was about – we just called ourselves ‘high energy rock’.


The band broke up two years after their second album (1979) failed to set the world alight, which still remains a great mystery because it always ranks without fail in every music critics top 10 best Irish albums of all time – including my own last year. 

They finally released their third album Trouble Pilgrim in 2006. 

Pete said: “People said it’s almost like the missing link between by TV Tube Heart and Ghostown  – it’s got the best of both on that one album.”

Great interview and a lot more in there.


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