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Sunday and other Media Stupid Statements from this week… April 11, 2021

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Unsubstantiated assertion, including a knock against public health expert? Look no further than:

I believe Ministers were simply browbeaten into implementing travel quarantine to assuage an angry and frightened public who were whipped into further frenzy by activist scientists allied with the Government’s political opposition. The public was tricked into believing that quarantine would somehow lead to a loosening of our current exhausting lockdown. They swallowed it whole.

Is Finn McRedmond comparing like and like. In a piece on Philip Roth and the reexamination of his output in the wake of MeToo she writes…

This impulse is the same one that makes us demand celebrities declare their political views; an impulse that says we cannot enjoy the music of a pop star if they secretly support Donald Trump. It is why Taylor Swift proved she was a Democrat after years of suspicion she was not. That her political beliefs had no bearing on her work seemed to elude the grasp of many.

There might be good reason why one would not want to financially support someone if they politically supported Trump – their work isn’t the only aspect of them in question.

Stephen Collins seems to get the chronology wrong in the following (and ignore the provisions of the GFA/BA in relation to the legitimacy of the political position of support for a United Ireland):

The eruption of loyalist violence this week should make nationalist politicians and commentators think twice before engaging in further idle chatter about the imminence of a united Ireland. With unionists clearly unsettled by the Northern Ireland protocol the pressure for a Border poll has added an even more dangerous ingredient to the mix.

Given the volatile atmosphere generated by the betrayal of the Democratic Unionist Party by their “friends” on the right wing of the Conservative party the drive by some nationalists to exploit the wound by demanding an early Border poll is further encouragement to those determined to create mayhem.

The calls for a Border Poll have been made since Brexit. That’s now five or so years. The ‘betrayal’ by the British government (not just the right-wing of the Tory party) occurred much more recently.


1. NFB - April 11, 2021

“by activist scientists allied with the Government’s political opposition.”

Feel like we’re not too far from claims of “German spies”

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WorldbyStorm - April 11, 2021

+1 I see the IT has a piece on conspiracy theories this week and why it’s useless to challenge them directly – given the number of those commenting btl on the IT who put conspiracy theory stuff about COVID that’s a bit of a joke and then there’s actual columnists like the above.


EWI - April 11, 2021

Handily, with all the various nuts who right for the IT and then post it online, it then helps weed out people you’d be better off blocking:

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EWI - April 11, 2021

‘Write’, jesus

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LMS - April 11, 2021

He sounds like a US libertarian

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2. CL - April 11, 2021

” The calls for a Border Poll have been made since Brexit. That’s now five or so years. The ‘betrayal’ by the British government (not just the right-wing of the Tory party) occurred much more recently. ”

Regardless of the chronological sequence several factors now contribute to the political tension, some long-standing, others more recent.

“The city has a growing Catholic population, while the Protestant population is declining. Catholic west Belfast is densely populated with a growing younger population, while on the Protestant side of the walls the population density is lower and the age profile older.
The growing debates around the Northern Ireland Protocol and a possible border poll have added to loyalist concerns and insecurity…..

For loyalists, the protocol is going to sever Northern Ireland from the rest of the United Kingdom; it is going to make them less British; it is going to lead to an economic, and eventually, a political and constitutional united Ireland…..

“You could argue that, particularly in those areas that were disproportionately affected by the conflict, particularly those areas where there are peace walls that divide communities, that there is an acceptance of violence to an extent that it has been normalised,” he says.
“That, alongside the last 13 months where young people have been living under curfew, aligned with Brexit and the protocol, aligned with the unionist narrative that they are losing their identity and their culture, and that is all aligned with the changing demographics.

“Then you add the talk of a border poll, which is seen as a threat to the very existence of Northern Ireland. All these factors come together, people start to feel there is a danger, their areas are going to be overrun, and then we see the violence in recent days.”


EWI - April 11, 2021

Jonny believes the walls have helped create an environment where violence has been normalised because behind them there are murals and memorials to those who died defending the area, or who were killed by “the other side”.

Has Jonny never heard of any previous pogroms against northern catholics over the decades and centuries? Not even a single instance? What a poor article.

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roddy - April 11, 2021

Johnny is talking bollocks because not a single Loyalist ever died defending any area.And I see “Uncle Vincent” has taken over in the tradition of Uncle TOMmy Gorman.

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benmadigan - April 12, 2021

Memories of the 1969 Bombay Street burning probably influenced the nationalist reaction at the Loyalist breach of the Lanark Way peace gate

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WorldbyStorm - April 12, 2021

Without doubt


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