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All over before it began? April 12, 2021

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The news SF has thrown its 41 TDs and Senators behind the genial Billy Lawlessa former Senator (nominated by FG) and Independent candidate for the Seanad is intriguing. Apparently Hazel Chu was hoping for some of those votes but SF argues that “Lawless has a “track record in working with the diaspora, the undocumented in the US and in relation to presidential voting rights; which are priorities the party share”.” Meanwhile the party continues to support Ian Marshall, unionist and former Ulster Farmers’ Union president on the Agriculture panel.

Chu herself seems resigned to her campaign now having no prospect of victory.

Ms Chu said she’s “grateful” that Sinn Féin gave her consideration but said their decision to back Mr Lawless is “fair” given that she was seen as a Government member.

On her chances of being elected she said “the numbers aren’t there and that’s fine” adding: “As much as I would have loved to win I also knew going into it that winning wasn’t the reason I was going for it.”

She said she knew the Seanad bid was going to be a “no hoper” when she decided to run but she’s still glad she did and she is not withdrawing from the race.


1. NFB - April 12, 2021

It would seem her goal was to widen the split in the Greens then, Mission accomplished. I wonder if SF were tempted to back her just for that reason.


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