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Representing the whole of the nation… April 12, 2021

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What an interesting quote in this piece from the Guardian by Simon Jenkins on the death of the Duke of Edinburgh.

As the constitutionalist Vernon Bogdanor has written: “A constitutional monarchy settles beyond argument the crucial question of who is to be the head of state, and places the position of that head beyond political competition. In doing so, it alone can represent the whole nation in an emotionally satisfying way.

That seems to be a statement that raises more questions than it seeks to answer.


1. banjoagbeanjoe - April 12, 2021

Great Clare Byrne radio programme on RTÉ 1 this morning. A long debate featuring two highly-qualified experts on coronavirus and health – Professor Sam McConkey and Tim, the anti-union, pro-Brexit, English entrepreneur who owns the Wetherspoons pub chain. The latter was all for loosening lockdown restrictions and was quoting Swedish and US experts that the learned professor had never even heard of. So much for Irish know-nothing professors.
And that was followed by a lovely interview with a personal friend of some really lovely, caring and gas bloke called Prince Philip who apparently died recently and everyone is very sad.


2. NFB - April 12, 2021

“Emotionally satisfying” is the perfect encapsulation of the indefensibly shallow idea of monarchy.


3. rockroots - April 12, 2021

I’m not the first to say this, but the wall-to-wall eulogising and obsessive reverence is really not that far removed from what we’d expect in North Korea.


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