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Sound and fury signifying… April 13, 2021

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A revealing piece by Sam McBride in the Newsletter from last week noting one conspicuous element of the riots on the Shankill – that is the lack of any political aspect to them. No banners, placards, signs or messages to convey a message, however inchoate. Those rioting are exceedingly young for the most part. Instead, as McBridge notes, not merely is there no sign of any fundamental change as regards the Protocol (and more and more it is clear that the Protocol is the excuse and deeper, or shallower, perceptions of the position of nationalism are the driving force behind those egging these riots on) but:

Regardless of whether that happens, these scenes are damaging for the unionist ideology these people espouse.

This was anarchic; whatever the initial cause, violence had here become an end in itself. There was no political message to be discerned beyond rage.

In Northern Ireland’s centenary year, that is evidence of failure, not success.

A not dissimilar take here from RTÉ’s Vincent Kearney.


1. Tomboktu - April 13, 2021

Vincent Kearney – ahh, that’s who the new guy is. I couldn’t remember his name, and had mentally dubbed him as “The Continuity Tommy Gorman”.


WorldbyStorm - April 13, 2021

I know what you mean. He just appeared the last week or two.


roddy - April 13, 2021

The continuity “uncle TOMmy Gorman.


WorldbyStorm - April 13, 2021

It’s odd, sometimes TG could be good, but sometimes… dear oh dear…


2. Bagatelle's Ununited Tetrarch - April 13, 2021

I got more hung up on the PSNI declaring no Unionist terrorist involvement in orchestrating the riots, while at the same time MLAs and the entire world saying they were.

If the 10 million from the Troubles pensions scheme forestalls the return of rioting, what does that tell us about the PSNI and the wisdom of retaining any of their officers in the Gardaí in a UI?


WorldbyStorm - April 13, 2021

Do you think it will? Sorry, I’m not seeing the link though between the PSNI and the pensions scheme – I’m not across the issue so what’s the deal.


Bagatelle's Unpenned Trade - April 13, 2021

No direct link between PSNI & Pensions intended. But there does appear to be a continuation of RUC’s political policing.

If rioting doesn’t return, one would presume the Pensions payout is responsible, which points to paramilitary orchestration of the riots. Contradicting the PSNI. Which in concert with their previous helpful statements regarding PIRA AC being alive, active and running SF raises concerns about how they will police the transition to a UI and behave within the Gardaí if retained after the UK government departs.

There’s increasing noise about retaining the PSNI as a distinct organization in a UI. Separate from an Gardaí entirely. Alongside the idea that the GFA and Stormont will continue, complete and intact.

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roddy - April 13, 2021

If anything the PSNI are subject to far more scrutiny than the Gardai and prior to a UI I would be more worried at the fact of the Gardai being led by an MI5 agent.

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WorldbyStorm - April 13, 2021

I wonder was this stuff about no paramilitary orchestration the PSNI attempting to over compensate after the decision was taken by public prosecutions not to prosecute following Storey? But who knows?

I don’t know would there be such an effect from the Pensions ie a pacification of the situation? Perhaps.

There is indeed more noise about that. I sometimes wonder is that the only way to sell a UI to the south.


Bagatelle's Unslipped Tailor - April 14, 2021

@roddy PSNI’s HET inquiries were neatly derailed by RUC SB.

While your point about Harris stands I would not like to add to that situation an unreconstructed British colonial police force.

@WbS Got to make the hypothesis and state it’s prediction before the event transpires. Are the riots orchestrated? On balance I’d say yes but we don’t know for sure. Are the PSNI lying about the orchestration? I already subscribe to the position that the PSNI lie about the PIRA AC being extant and influencing SF. Are they also lying here? If money to the LCC groups turns off the riots then it does look like there was orchestration.

Violence in NI must force re-unification. History demonstrates the UK govt will at every step make the worst decisions. It would be in Ireland’s selfish interest to take over from the UK. Only chance violence doesn’t drag on for decades.


EWI - April 13, 2021

I’m guessing it’s something to do with how just about everyone on the loyalist side appears to have been on the British payroll, one way or another, and what that means for culpability.

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