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From the interface April 15, 2021

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First up this contribution from Gareth Mulvenna, a thoughtful and insightful piece on the riots and dynamics behind them. Mulvenna who has written widely on Loyalism and recently collaborated with Billy Hutchinson on the latter’s autobiography notes:

The situation in 2021 does not bear comparison to the early 1970s. Republican strategy has moved on exponentially since the hunger strikes of 1980-81 injected a vitality into the gradual shift from the armalite to the ballot box to establishment politics. On the other hand loyalists are a generation or two behind republicans in nearly every area of importance. While neither poorer Protestants or Catholics have truly benefited from the peace dividend, there is a transparent sense of hopelessness in places like the Shankill. Community organisation is more fractured than in the republican community where a Catholic ethos of cohesion stands in stark contrast to the individualistic nature of Protestant dissent. Republican west Belfast has had the Féile an Phobail for over thirty years and now attracts speakers and acts of international renown. 

As noted the other day, this situation in the Loyalist section of the working class is hugely problematic and something that has to be addressed. And perhaps it is a recognition of this gap between the communities which is a part and parcel of the problem as much any other factor.

Also here is an excellent series of interviews by Owen Jones on the events in the North in recent times. Thanks to BH for the link.


1. CL - April 15, 2021

” UK and EU officials have isolated 27 different issues in relation to Northern Ireland’s contested post-Brexit trade arrangements, Ireland’s foreign minister has confirmed.”


CL - April 15, 2021

” Northern secretary Brandon Lewis has rejected calls for a British-Irish summit in response to the violence in Belfast in advance of a two-day visit to London by the Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney….
policing is a devolved matter, so falls outside the remit of the BIIGC,” he said.


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