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The world of work, the world of workers… April 16, 2021

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Here’s a bizarre one, but perhaps not that bizarre for many workers. The QAnon Anonymous podcast dealt with this, the troubling story about a New Zealand based lingerie company where the owners slowly but surely moved into QAnon and New Age linked conspiratorialism.

The accompanying article notes that the company started out with a brand that played up a progressive angle, but as time went on they tilted towards much less progressive aspects.

The podcast, available here on iTunes, makes some great points not least the observation that even having an international brand wasn’t enough for the founders, that they felt alienated to a degree and that they went down a very specific rabbit-hole and how this in a way is representative of capitalism and the attendant materialism.

But look at how the workers were treated as more and more bizarre attitudes came into play, in particular as the pandemic took pace. The owners shifted into a strange New Age attitude about the virus. What is genuinely weird is how this happened in New Zealand which arguably has been blessed by the manner in which lockdowns were sharp but compared to elsewhere short. But the point was made on the QAnon Anonymous podcast that this must have been nightmarish for workers, and it underscored how much workers in general are at the mercy of employers and their beliefs.

And clearly less exaggerated dynamics are evident closer to home in terms of workers feeling compelled to work in risky environments during the pandemic.


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