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Community transmission May 4, 2021

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Here’s an interesting one on foot of the reopening, from the SBP this Sunday:

This recurrent theme of individual responsibility was evident in all communications related to the new path to freedom, but despite an almost overwhelming list of things we will be able to do in the coming weeks, many will refuse to take part, still wary of the post-Christmas cost of our festivities.

One contact tracer said the consistently high numbers were “not comforting” and said she remained terrified to go anywhere. She said source investigation, whereby a positive case’s movements over the past week were tracked, consistently showed up supermarket shopping as the likely place where they caught the virus.

Even Donnelly admitted he was “nervous” as the announcement was made, saying he was cognisant of the devastation in India and other countries where the disease has gotten out of control yet again.

I went looking that up and found this:

New Covid-19 data has pointed to supermarkets as the most likely source of infection in a worrying development.

The first comprehensive study of community transmission of the virus identified shops as an area where people are most likely to catch Covid-19.


Sources of possible transmission included shopping which accounted for 55.8%. This was followed by the workplace which saw 15% say they possibly transmitted the virus while working.

This was followed by primary schools (3.8%), public transport or car sharing (3.5%), travel at home or abroad (2%), outdoor gatherings (1.9%), pre-school gatherings (1.8%) and outdoor sports activities (1.7%)


The HSE’s lead on test and trace Niamh O’Beirne has said this does not mean that there is any particular increased risk associated with shopping/supermarkets but rather it’s the most common thing people have been telling the contact tracers.

Does that mean that this is one thing most people do, but the actual source might be something else? I’m presuming that’s the interpretation. I do a shop most weeks in the local four letter acronym and in general adherence to mask wearing and so on seems pretty solid, certainly much much better than smaller supermarket/grocery outlets I’ve been in (I was in one last week where both people in the queue ahead of me were unmasked – thankfully the place was like a wind tunnel with entrances at both ends of the shop, but I could imagine some people being uneasy). I’m not anxious going shopping, fingers crossed, but there’s a remarkable vagueness as to what the actual risks are. And yet there’s the reality that one has to shop – it’s not exactly optional, and although a range of outlets have brought in click and collect not everyone will be able to access those sort of services.


1. CL - May 4, 2021


” like many of its neighbors, seemed to be escaping the worst of the pandemic.
Scientific research suggesting that about half of adults in major cities had already been infected was consistent with this notion.

“There was a public narrative that India had conquered Covid-19.”…

Confident they had beaten Covid, government officials relaxed restrictions on virtually all activities, including weddings, political rallies and religious gatherings ”

“Covid deaths have climbed to 2,000 per day, up from fewer than 100…
The sharp increase has surprised many people, both inside and outside India….
The situation is so dire that some Indian crematories are overwhelmed.” – NYT


CL - May 4, 2021

” On Feb. 21, Modi’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party passed a resolution unequivocally hailing the “visionary leadership of Prime Minister Modi” in turning India into a “victorious nation in the fight against COVID.”

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