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Infiltrators… a continuing series May 4, 2021

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Good on Peter Hain for calling it out like he is in reference to the public inquiry on undercover police infiltration of left wing and associated campaigns.

The Labour politician told a public inquiry the officers “very rarely told the truth” and exaggerated the threat of violence posed by the campaigners in what he called “straight lies and pernicious smears”.

He repeatedly accused police spies of fabricating their reports on him and the other protesters in order to “justify their role or potentially to damage their targets, like me”.

Sadly all too believable is the following:


The inquiry, headed by former judge Sir John Mitting, has released to Hain 70 secret reports that detail how at least six undercover officers spied on him between 1969 and 1994 while he campaigned against apartheid and racism.

And Hain, who served in a Labour Cabinet faced this sort of stuff… 


The inquiry is also investigating a claim that an undercover officer described Hain as a “South African terrorist” in a 2003 secret report while he was in government.

He’s right here, too:

He accused the British police spies of “putting themselves of the wrong side of history” by infiltrating anti-apartheid campaigners, when instead they should have been investigating violent acts carried out in London by the South African state. He said the South African and British police worked hand in glove with each other.

Keep in mind that much of this surveillance was at a time when Hain was in that hotbed of subversive radicalism described in the following:

The spies also monitored Hain’s activities between 1972 and 1975 while he was a member of the Young Liberals, then the youth wing of a mainstream political party. They reported details of small private meetings of this group and anti-apartheid campaigners that were held at his parents’ home, where he also lived.


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