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Union news May 4, 2021

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Interesting to see that there’s some impact from the current dispute in the ESB.

ESB Networks has acknowledged that industrial action by some network technicians has caused limited impact to customers, and called on the Independent Workers Union to cancel a further two-day strike due to get under way tomorrow morning.


The network technicians belonging to the Independent Workers Union have been engaged in a work-to-rule since 19 April, and have also held two 24-hour strikes.

They say the dispute is over the right to be consulted about outsourcing of certain work to private contractors – and claim to represent over 500 of the company’s 1500 network technicians.

However, the company does not recognise the IWU, which rejects suggestions that the dispute is really over union recognition.


The company acknowledged what it called the “strong support” provided by staff belonging to affiliated trade unions (Connect, SIPTU and Unite) who have said they are not involved in this dispute.

Any thoughts on the political impacts of all this more widely?


1. EWI - May 4, 2021

I think renewal of the roster of unions is a healthy thing.


6to5against - May 4, 2021

If nothing else, it helps to keep the established unions responsive to their members. You can be sure they’re keeping a sharp on eye on this. Firstly, to make sure that the IWU doesn’t get any concession denied to them, and then moving to undercut them over the next few months or years.

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2. James McBarron - May 4, 2021

The behavior of the ESB and the Congress unions is an effing disgrace. A basic principle is that workers have the right to organise and chose a union. The ESB are simply burying their head in the sand and refusing to talk simply issuing public statements and threats of legal action.

The IWU has in the order of 500 members in the company, simply ignoring these workers is not a tenable strategy. The objective is obvious to try and force the workers into a union of the managements liking. The ESB is a vital part of the states infrastructure and the long term efforts to privatise it by stealth must be resisted.

I understand that the has been solidarity shown by workers not in the IWU and some of talk of people quiting their own unions should the dispute continue.

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3. CL - May 4, 2021

” Ireland stands out as the only western-European EU member that does not have binding collective-bargaining legislation. While in other EU countries workers have a real say over decisions that affect them, in Ireland these rights are consistently disregarded by corporations with impunity. ”


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